DOHA, QATAR--(Marketwired - Nov 21, 2014) - Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) welcomed the members of the International Forum of Sovereign Wealth Funds (IFSWF), a group of sovereign wealth funds which meet to exchange views on issues of common interest, to its, 6th annual meeting in Doha, Qatar on 19th and 20th November 2014. As a founding partner of the Forum, QIA was honoured to host this year's event and provide a platform for the IFSWF's geographically diverse members to share knowledge and insights about investment and operational practices.

HE Ahmad Al-Sayed, CEO of Qatar Investment Authority and a member of the group that originally drafted the Santiago Principles, said:

"QIA welcomes the signing of the "Doha Agreement" by the Forum's members, which reorganised the Forum as an independent body and granted it a legal entity and separate budget. According to the agreement, London was chosen as the Forum's permanent headquarters.

"The State, along with QIA management, wishes to ensure that QIA framework is in line with Santiago Principles enabling it to execute its competences and issue the investment resolutions on pure professional, financial and economic basis and according to the international accepted principal completely independent from any political influence.

"It has been a pleasure to host the 6th annual meeting of the IFSWF in Doha, and welcome representatives from Sovereign Wealth Funds across the world.

I am proud of the role QIA played in drafting the Santiago Principles and will ensure that QIA continues to be at the forefront of driving global standards and their application.

"I look forward to welcoming new members into our community as we continue to expand our network of funds which are committed to sharing knowledge and driving best practice."

HE Ahmad Al-Sayed was a member of the original drafting group for the Santiago Principles and has always been a proactive supporter of their implementation. Therefore, QIA was proud to contribute to the 15 case studies that were published by the IFSWF for the first time at this event. In these case studies, members articulated the practical application of the Santiago Principles within their organisations with the aim of driving best practice governance in SWFs globally.

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