AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwired - November 24, 2014) - EPIC Corporation Inc. (PINKSHEETS: EPOR) and Ronald Tucker it CEO introduced "EPIC's AcuFAB ® Acupressure Insoles are made with a design patented medical textile AcuFAB ®. The design and architecture of the AcuFAB ® acupressure fabric is a unique spacer fabric and as a spacer fabric it provides technological solutions to medical conditions.  AcuFAB ® Acupressure Insoles are comfortable like all insoles, but, due to being made with a medical textile, they have benefits not provided in the most expensive insoles made by others and AcuFAB ® acupressure insoles are sold at a price anyone can afford. The AcuFAB ® Acupressure Insoles are targeted to those who suffer from foot disorders and others suffering from excess foot fatigue by working on their feet all day."

"Spacer fabrics have two important properties: (1) they insure a directed transport of fluids and heat becomes a possibility, and (2) pressure resistance," said Mr. Tucker. "Spacer fabrics are used as medical textiles because of their qualities of restrictive pressure and micro-climate which prevent overheating and sweating of the skin. The mechanical, micro-climate features provide excellent air-permeability and thermoregulation.(1)"

AcuFAB® has a unique and proprietary design and architecture, even for a spacer fabric. Its architecture consists of 100% polyester yarn knitted into alternating ridges which provide limited resistive pressure points and channels which provide a micro-climatic quality running down the length of the fabric, with a single flat surface formed at the bottom of the channels. Its ridges and channels are designed to conform to and run parallel to the meridian acupressure points in the human body. This architecture allows for the soft ridges to support the whole body weight with limited pressure points contacting the body's surface tissues. The ridges are also designed to apply pressure against the acupressure points giving a natural gentle massage effect and ease chronic pain while sleeping. The ridges never lose their shape, cave in or matt.

The channels apply no pressure against the body's surface tissues allowing for a micro-climate to provide a natural air-permeability that prevents overheating and sweating of the skin. This also means more blood carrying oxygen reaches the body's surface tissues and the natural air flow within the fabric helps maintain a more temperate body temperature.

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EPIC CORPORATION is special purpose financial services company. EPIC provides corporate, business and financial services to subsidiaries, affiliates, and independent companies. Our focus is on healthcare and consumer product companies. EPIC strives to provide capital growth for it and its shareholders through the acquisition, development and commercialization of technology and intellectual property. We realize, we cannot prosper in isolation. We and our strategic partners use various technologies and intellectual property to develop economical products. We are committed to grow our business through research and development, production, marketing, and sales of healthcare products and services and other consumer products.

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(1) Danish Medical Bulletin - No. 1 February 2008, oVl.55 pages 72-77, "Advanced Textile Materials and Biopolymers in Wound Management" by Salving Pertly, Doctor (Technological Sciences), Associated Professor

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