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LevelEleven Launches Scorecard: The "Fitbit for Sales"

Solution Allows Sales Leaders to Increase Revenue by Providing Real-Time Performance Insights for Individual Sales Reps

DETROIT, MI--(Marketwired - Nov 24, 2014) - LevelEleven, the leading sales performance platform, today announced the launch of Scorecard. This new product allows sales managers to identify the key behaviors they need their salespeople to focus on and provides personalized analytics, historical trends, and performance-based peer comparisons. Through integration with, this is the first time managers and salespeople can access personalized metrics, set their own goals, and view their performance across multiple devices. With the introduction of Scorecard, LevelEleven is stepping beyond leaderboards, providing sales managers with automated, data-driven predictions and suggestions for when to use leaderboards and spiffs to spike a key sales metric.

CRM systems are quickly becoming the system of record for all customer interactions across sales, marketing and customer support. They are able to report on what people are doing, but the data is often presented in an impersonal, indigestible way. LevelEleven's Scorecard changes this by proactively telling an executive team when sales performance is out of line and what to do about it.

"Scorecard is like Fitbit, but for sales. It solves the everyday problem of productivity waste that plagues modern sales organizations by providing actionable insights and visibility around sales performance for both sales managers and sales reps," said Bob Marsh, CEO and founder of LevelEleven. "We're tapping into those reflective moments when salespeople are wondering what they can be doing to improve, while allowing executives to get their team aligned and executing on their strategic plan. According to CSO Insights, only 37% of a salesperson's time is spent selling, and as we've proven, the ability to make even small adjustments in how they focus their efforts has a profound and immediate sales impact."

Creating visibility around performance is a proven key to driving sales and marketing ROI. With LevelEleven's existing product suite, DMNmedia was able to generate $2.1 million in incremental revenue from a new product offering. In only a few months, Kelly Services brought in $5.8 million in new business by getting salespeople more focused on securing client meetings. Now, Scorecard provides unprecedented alignment and visibility into sales teams' behaviors and metrics of success -- all the way from the CEO to the VP of Sales to the individual salesperson.

"Salespeople are busy and need to utilize all the tools available to them to help keep sight of the fundamentals -- like quickly following up on leads, regularly prospecting for new business, and creating a consistent amount of qualified sales opportunities," said Gabe Rizzi, Senior VP US Inside Sales, Small Business, Dun & Bradstreet. "LevelEleven helps our sales force be more nimble and optimizes our performance."

Scorecard -- and LevelEleven -- are currently native to the ecosystem. The solution, which requires minimal set-up and IT integration, can be up and running in a matter of hours by plugging the LevelEleven Sales Performance Platform directly into a company's CRM system. After initial download, a manager simply defines the behaviors they want their salespeople focused on, indicates a suggested goal, and the LevelEleven platform immediately provides performance metrics, historical analytics, and live leaderboards on mobile and desktop screens, and televisions around the office.

About LevelEleven
LevelEleven is a sales performance platform, used by VP's of Sales and Marketing at companies like Forrester Research, Symantec, ReadyTalk, Akamai, and PayPal. Named by Salesforce as one of the Top 8 Apps to Help Your Sales Soar, the software helps sales teams sell more by keeping salespeople focused on the behaviors that matter. Sales managers simply identify key sales behaviors and set daily, weekly and monthly goals to motivate reps. When performance falls out of line, LevelEleven creates real-time, high impact leaderboards to rapidly spike behavior and rally any team. The Detroit-based company was founded in fall of 2012 and works with hundreds of customers. LevelEleven's investor roster includes Detroit Venture Partners and Salesforce Ventures.

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