SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Dec 1, 2014) - Aria Systems, the leading innovator in recurring revenue, today launched a comprehensive primer for organizations considering, planning or expanding a recurring revenue model. Written by Bob Harden, a veteran recurring revenue expert, the No BS Guide to Recurring Revenue Success incorporates lessons learned from years of actual recurring revenue implementations, including programs and initiatives launched at leading enterprises. Aria Systems' investment in this book fills a previously unmet demand for a thorough and straightforward primer that goes beyond subscription billing basics.

Author Harden is a former software director with over 15 years' experience in leading IT and billing systems projects for recurring revenue businesses. "There is a lot of literature out there about recurring revenue, but little that talks about everything that needs to be addressed across the enterprise for a successful and enduring implementation," said Harden. "I wanted to write a guide to change that and to help practitioners consider the impact of recurring revenue across the entire enterprise. With the information in this guide, they can move forward with confidence and pragmatic knowledge based on deep experience."

"Organizations must consider numerous and significant questions if they are to take advantage of the opportunity that recurring revenue offers. We sought a practitioner's viewpoint rather than our vendor's perspective, because they've been in the trenches and know first-hand about the challenges and opportunities that exist," said Jon Gettinger, SVP of Marketing, Aria Systems. "Most businesses entering this space have legacy systems or are looking at building new systems that can provide the platform for growth. To be successful, they need answers that go deeper than the typical marketing document affords. This guide delves into the real questions that need to be asked and the trade-offs that need to be considered before initiating the process."

In the No BS Guide to Recurring Revenue Success, author Bob Harden explains:

  • Why companies are rushing to adopt recurring revenue models
  • What business and system capabilities are needed to support this new business model
  • What elements are necessary for success in a recurring revenue implementation program
  • How recurring revenue changes the way one looks at data and measures success
  • Whether to buy or build and what to look for in a vendor
  • Practical steps needed to get started
  • What the future holds for recurring revenue

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