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Airworks Compressors is pleased to announce that Airworks' has teamed up with Danny Thompson and Thompson LSR in an effort to fulfill his father's, Mickey Thompson, dream of setting the piston driven land speed record and breaking his own record of 406.6 mph set in 1960 with the Challenger I. He was an American legend and a household name amongst racing fanatics.

Darryl Weflen, President of Airworks Compressors Corp, first met Danny Thompson (land speed racer) and his team at a recent USFRA event, at the Bonneville Salt Flats, in July of 2014. Airworks was able to provide Danny's team running the Challenger II with much needed compressed air with Airworks newly patented Twister E60 (the world's first electric DC powered screw air compressor) when Thompson's team required air before their inaugural test run; their own air system failed to operate in the harsh remote environment while trying to pressure up the fuel system. Realizing that an Airworks truck was parked in the pit area near them, the Thompson crew approached with a request to "borrow some air". After using the compressor for the entire event, along with others, the battery powered E60 performed flawlessly and did not require charging throughout the five day event on the salt and was quiet enough to hear the pit crews talking while performing their tasks.

Seeing the need for reliable air, the decision was made that Airworks would product sponsor the team with a Twister E60 of their own. This would ensure that the team would have the best air compressor unit available for the pit crew to use the compressed air jack systems on the Challenger II's support trailer and the land speed racer itself, along with air tool use between runs.

In 1968, Mickey Thompson set out to push the land speed record up to 450 mph. First rain and then a family tragedy put the Challenger II dream of a record run to rest for 46 years. It is an honor for Airworks Compressors to be able to be a part of this recently renewed venture of Danny Thompson and his team to hold the title of land speed record holder. We are looking forward to being a part of the record attempt in 2015!

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