Chicago, IL, Dec. 14, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Calumet Photographic, a leading name in the photo and video industry for over 75 years, today announced the grand opening of its flagship retail store in Lincoln Park, located in Downtown Chicago--minutes away from metro transit and the Lincoln Park Shopping district.

More than being the largest store of its kind in the area, the 3,500 sq ft location was designed as a "destination level" environment that will cater to all levels of photographers and videographers from casual shooters to the seasoned professionals & 'prosumers' that built Calumet into an internationally recognized retail icon. In keeping with the brand's strong connection with the professionals, the new location will also house the brand's legendary rental department which has also been totally revamped to offer a more streamlined experience along with the highly knowledgeable service and cutting edge selection it was always known for. Whether it's the latest 4k gear, traditional lighting and lens kits, "run & gun" a/v  solutions, a location or studio shoot, Calumet Rentals' signature combination of inventory, service and expertise makes it easy to understand why they are the go to retail detail destination for Chicago's highly demanding production and photography professionals.

"Regardless of your level of proficiency, photography is a form of creative self-expression," said Chaim Piekarski, Executive Vice President of C&A Marketing. "Using a camera isn't a passive experience like watching TV or listening to music--it's an interaction that often evolves into a passion. The Calumet brand was built on understanding and sharing that passion and catering to those customers in a manner far superior to the camera "counters" or "departments" found at other types of retailers. Our newest flagship was designed from the ground up to reflect that. From the range of categories and brands to the depth of lines and level of service, it's the classic Calumet DNA refined to better address and reflect the needs of today's discerning camera customers. "

"Calumet's core customers are professionals, and to have their trust is a true testament and achievement as they are putting their livelihoods in our hands," added Piekarski. "Appreciating and delivering on this trust is why the Calumet name and reputation has become synonymous with quality, service and an overall superior experience for nearly eight decades. Now that C&A has successfully restructured Calumet and integrated our best practices throughout all Calumet touch points, we're happy to say the brand is well on the way to success and growth. C&A will continue to invest significant resources and leverage whatever relationships needed to make sure Calumet's iconic retail experience is as accessible as possible to as many photo and video enthusiasts as possible." 

Acquired out of bankruptcy earlier this year by C&A Marketing Inc., a leading global manufacturer, distributor and online reseller of cameras and photographic equipment, Calumet now has three retail locations throughout Chicago. This grand opening speaks to C&A's strategy to reinvigorate and reposition the brand for long-term success, and to provide Chicagoans once again with a photo retail location that sets the bar high for photo specialty retailers nationwide.

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About C&A Marketing, Inc.

C&A Marketing is a leading manufacturer, distributor and online reseller of cameras and photographic equipment.  Headquartered in Ridgefield Park, N.J., C&A is the Polaroid Licensee for instant digital camera, sports video camera, IP home security cameras and photo accessories.  In addition, C&A owns and operates 16 Camera stores across the United States including Ritz Camera and Image, Camera World, Wolf Camera, Inkley's Camera and Calumet Photographic.  C&A also continues to expand the imaging business. With over two decades in business, the depth and breadth of their inventory is constantly expanding as is their presence and reputation in the consumer electronic marketplace.

Melissa Hoistion
R&J Public Relations