CircleCI Launches iOS and Android Support; Enables App Developers to Meet Rising Demand

Mobile Apps Can Now Be Developed Faster and More Efficiently

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Dec 17, 2014) - CircleCI, the leader in Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, today announced general support for testing Android and iOS apps. CircleCI provides a new way to build and test applications while significantly reducing the time and expense typically associated with these core functions.

CircleCI also announced today the completion of its first acquisition of Distiller, a company with the mission to build and deploy iOS apps faster. This acquisition complements CircleCI's technology, providing mobile support for iOS and Android developers. The scalability, simplicity and reliability web developers rely on CircleCI for is now available for mobile.

The process of ensuring code works correctly can be tedious, as collaboration among team members can be a hurdle in the fragmented mobile market. Application development speed is critical in today's competitive landscape, and maintaining this speed is difficult as apps and systems grow larger and more complex. CircleCI's support for mobile allows customers to build and test as part of the Continuous Delivery workflow, which means a faster path to revenue with a higher quality product.

"In searching for solutions only CircleCI fit our mobile needs," said Laurent Raufaste, director of infrastructure at Percolate. "Overall it's one less problem to think about so we can focus on building the best possible product. Percolate has a mission to build the system of record for marketing -- a suite of web and mobile marketing tools that help global organizations increase productivity, elevate their brand, and increase sales. As we've scaled our products, the focus has been on maintaining a stream of frequent small releases and CircleCI allows us to do that with confidence."

"Nothing guarantees an app's failure like a shipped bug and one-star reviews. Mobile apps live and die by their app store ratings," said Paul Biggar, founder and CEO at CircleCI. "Automating the build, test, and deploy pipeline for your iOS and Android applications with CircleCI enables mobile developers to ship quality software faster and more easily."

"CircleCI gives our technology team the confidence to build, test, and deploy -- quickly and consistently -- across numerous platforms daily," said Michael Cruz, vice-president of engineering at Trunk Club. "Trunk Club's tech gives our stylists the ability to provide clients with instant style solutions in a mobile-first world."

With CircleCI for iOS and Android, mobile application developers can:

  • Automate testing
  • Ship fewer bugs and deploy with confidence
  • Simplify and accelerate the process of getting five-star apps into the hands of users through automated deployment
  • Easily integrate with GitHub Pull Requests
  • Quickly start new projects with inferred project set up

Pricing and Availability

CircleCI for Android is generally available today. To sign up for CircleCI's iOS beta, add your repo to CircleCI and tag it as 'iOS' in the project settings. Pricing is based on concurrent builds, at $50 each. For personalized enterprise quotes email:

For more information or to sign up, go to:
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CircleCI Launches iOS and Android Support; Enables App Developers to Meet Rising Demand