AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwired - Dec 29, 2014) - Underscoring the continued disruptive shift toward software-driven enterprises, Clear Measure, Inc., a custom software engineering firm, today made four key predictions about the role of enterprise computing in 2015. Central to its role is the transformative shift in IT services firms, from providers of staffing resources to strategic, ongoing partners, as software continues to move from a utilitarian role to a core differentiator and driver of business success for companies of all sizes.

"As leading companies in 2014 experienced first-hand, software is no longer the functional role of an IT department, but rather the driver of business success across lines of business and throughout the enterprise," said Jeffrey Palermo, CEO, Clear Measure. "As this continues in 2015, we will see a transformative shift in how companies are leveraging software development firms -- from providers of tactical resources to true business partners -- offering longer term strategic software platforms to address the new needs of the connected enterprise, deliver ROI, and help clients differentiate their businesses as they continuously engage their customer base." 

Four of the top technology trends that Clear Measure predicts for 2015 include:

  • Every Company is Software-Driven. Companies of all sizes are now realizing that software has become the competitive differentiator of their business no matter what market they are in or what they are selling. They are looking beyond pre-packaged solutions and standardized infrastructure to find ways to differentiate themselves and achieve revenue growth and increased profitability by creating flexible custom software "platforms" that run their core business functions. In 2015, we'll see more emphasis on custom software for competitive differentiation and DevOps to manage ongoing technology operations and adapt on the fly to business changes.
  • Connected Systems Drive DevOps. New cloud and mobile technologies are disrupting the fundamental approach to IT services across the business landscape in every industry, elevating IT experts to a mission-critical role in business strategy, yet creating increased complexity as business users and customers engage anywhere from anytime on multiple devices that must be managed and supported. The role of DevOps will increase in 2015 to address this challenge because it bridges the gap between software engineering and IT operations and fills an important role to help companies respond quickly to change, and profitably run custom software systems in the cloud and on multiple devices.
  • Decentralized IT Strategy and Implementation. With custom software as a driver of core business functions expanding in 2015, line-of-business users will become agents of change to promote the creation and implementation of these systems as a source of competitive advantage in order to improve business performance. In a newly decentralized environment they will work more with strategic IT experts within and outside of their organization to accomplish IT transformation through green-field designs that address the complexities of the business environment, customer demands and market dynamics.
  • Modernization of Legacy Lives on. With thousands of core business systems feeling both their age and the new architectural pressures of mobile and cloud, we're now firmly in the next wave of legacy modernization. In 2015 we will see a major push of companies adapting these sprawling legacy infrastructures to ensure that they work seamlessly within mobile, cloud and social environments and on multiple devices -- from laptops, to tablets to smartphones -- to create a unified customer experience that builds upon, but does not replace, large legacy investments.

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Clear Measure is a custom software engineering firm that delivers competitive advantage to growing companies by helping them gain positive and measurable business outcomes from their toughest technology challenges. It provides a focused business approach, innovative leadership, and expertise in designing, building, integrating and modernizing software solutions. By building custom software that is architected for ROI, as well as managing and operating it efficiently, Clear Measure enables companies to realize long-term cost savings and maximize their systems' business value. Clear Measure is headquartered in Austin, TX, with offices in Dallas and Ohio. More information is available at

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