GREENWICH, CT--(Marketwired - Dec 30, 2014) - TICC Capital Corp. (NASDAQ: TICC) has today published an updated and expanded list of those industry categories in which our various CLO holdings maintain investments. We note that outside of the exposure to Energy sector investments (as defined by Moody's) within our CLO investments, we currently have no other Energy-based investments within our portfolio.

Top 30 Moody's Industry Exposure1
Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals 9.6%
High Tech Industries 6.8%
Services: Business 6.6%
Media: Broadcasting and Subscription 6.4%
Banking, Finance, Insurance & Real Estate 5.8%
Hotel, Gaming, and Leisure 5.6%
Retail 4.9%
Chemicals, Plastics, and Rubber 4.4%
Telecommunications 4.3%
Beverage, Food & Tobacco 4.2%
Capital Equipment 3.9%
Automotive 3.4%
Energy: Oil and Gas 3.2%
Aerospace and Defense 3.0%
Media: Advertising, Printing & Publishing 2.8%
Utilities: Electric 2.8%
Metals & Mining 2.0%
Services: Consumer 2.0%
Containers, Packaging & Glass 1.9%
Consumer goods: Durable 1.9%
Construction and Building 1.7%
Media: Diversified & Production 1.6%
Transportation: Consumer 1.6%
Consumer goods: Non-durable 1.5%
Transportation: Cargo 1.1%
Environmental Industries 0.9%
Utilities: Oil and Gas 0.7%
Energy: Electricity 0.5%
Forest Products & Paper 0.3%
Wholesale 0.3%
Total 95.8%

Source: Intex Solutions, Inc.   

1. Exposures are determined by calculating the aggregate principal balance of the underlying corporate debt collateral held by our CLO investments within the Moody's industries indicated and dividing by the aggregate principal balance of all of the CLO vehicles' underlying corporate debt collateral (excluding cash) on a weighted average basis for TICC's investments in each of those CLO vehicles. Weighted average exposures are as of December 15, 2014 and exclude recent CLO investments with missing or incomplete industry data, as provided by Intex.


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