FORT HARRISON, FL--(Marketwired - Dec 30, 2014) - Golden Valley Development, Inc. (OTC PINK: GVDI) is pleased to announce major improvement of its operating margins and successful expansion of its business. This significant development is attributed to increase in deal flow, funding pools and the larger research and development for improvements to our existing patented products like Percuguard™ and others.

GVDI continues aggressive implementation of its corporate plan, remaining focused on product excellence and innovation for its customers. "We are excited to present another quarter with strong growth and continued margin improvement. The quarter was characterized by the penetration into new promising markets and a sustained focus on continuous improvements of our business scope and patented products like Percuguard™," stated Mr. Kevin Sorrels, CEO of GVDI.

Percuguard™ -- meaning "guard for the skin" -- was developed as protection for dentists and medical health care workers who are required to use needles or "sharps" in close proximity to the finger or thumb.

Mr. Sorrels recently expressed, "The future of the Surgical Safety Equipment industry will be defined by dynamic, innovative firms such as ourselves. Leveraging our proven global and regional expertise, our products aim to increase the effectiveness of safety program implementation."

Percuguard™ is a patented inexpensive plastic medical device aimed to prevent accidental injuries and disease transmissions. Designed to be worn over a latex glove, Percuguard™ targets an unaddressed area where inadequate protection results in needlestick injuries. A wholly new device, it is puncture resistant, elastic, and allows tactile sensitivity. The product has been primarily designed for dental workers, but can be used by any individual in a related field whom come into close contact with sharp possibly infected equipment.

Latest figures suggest the healthcare industry in the United States accounts for 10.7% of total employment, employing around twelve million people. The International Business Times developed this figure demonstrating that healthcare employment has in fact increased by 12.5% against total employment in the U.S. over the last 3 years. This highlights the expanding market for the Percuguard™ and the stimulus behind rising investment. In addition, an American Dental Association Survey reported that there were 190,000 dentists in active practice in the United States, performing 352 million invasive procedures per year. The total targeted number of procedures to benefit from Percuguard™ is around 700 million units per year, in the United States.

"Beyond Percuguard™, the Company is now expanding into other lucrative markets using our model of investment and development into patented and patentable technologies. More importantly, we are now focused on increasing our top line and bottom line results and benefit from the fruits of our earlier development as well as continuing our R&D efforts to identify patentable solutions in yet-to-be discovered commercial areas. This will allow us to grow faster within the next year, generating stronger positive operating-related cash flow," said Mr. Sorrels.

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