TAIPEI, TAIWAN--(Marketwired - Dec 31, 2014) - Millions of people crowded the Xinyi District and participated the 2015 TAIPEI 101 New Year Firework show. With the final countdown, the firework lighted up the sky and the 2015 officially began. It has been the 11th New Year firework show for the TAIPEI 101 and was a 218-second show with a total of 23,000 shots, while its various patterns and colors continued to surprise the crowd.

"iSee Taiwan, Cherish Taiwan" Welcomes 2015!

TAIPEI 101 in collaboration with iSee Taiwan Foundation set the theme for the 2015 New Year Firework Show to be "2015 iSee Taiwan, Cherish Taiwan", aligning the Foundation's vision - to become an essential portal for the world to see Taiwan. This is the first year for TAIPEI 101 firework show to have removed its LED lighting system, replacing it instead with laser beams displaying "iSee Taiwan", then "Cherish Taiwan" in Chinese, followed by Happy New Year both in English and Chinese lighting up the night skies of Taipei after the display of the firework show. For this fresh new start in 2015, the Foundation has also planned a series of "Cherish Taiwan" events to carry on this spirit, and hopes to invite everyone to participate with us by putting our thoughts into action in Cherishing Taiwan.

A group of Taiwan's indigenous people showed their a cappella, featuring "welcome," for 20 seconds prior to the firework show. Blended with local Taiwanese folk songs, Vivaldi's renowned "Four Seasons" became the featured theme for this year's event.

Scene I "Spring" (00'00"-00'40"): Golden, yellow and red fireworks took the lead of the show and featured the refreshed nature after a long winter. The spotty fireworks danced in the sky to welcome the spring. Starting from the 12th second, blue, purple and pink fireworks took it over when the music turned into Taiwanese tune.

Scene II "Summer" (00'40"-01'59"): The fast violin and spotty fireworks featured the summer rain, followed by geometric figures in the sky. Starting from 1'15", the music turned into Taiwanese tune again while the fireworks turned into golden shots to feature a happy mood in the summer time.

Scene III "Autumn" (01'59"-02'56"): The music featured a prosperous season for harvest, while the fireworks were shot and spun in a sector pattern. Another set of fireworks also spun on the top of the building in a different color. Since 2'14", the music again turned into Taiwanese little tune of "Tea Picking Song," while the fireworks began to climb up.

Scene IV "Winter" (02'56"-03'38"): Fast violin took the lead again, while the fireworks displayed "101" up in the sky. Taiwanese tune immediately took it over while blue, red, purple, yellow, golden and white fireworks spread and pumped up the heat of the event. Indigenous a cappella ended the event, featuring the fusion and combination of all human populations.

Buildings, Malls and Department Stores in Xinyi District light up until 1am

TAIPEI 101 New Year Firework Show has been a highlighted annual show in the world. This year, a total of 21 buildings, shopping malls and department stores in Xinyi District where TAIPEI 101 is located decided to light up all their buildings after the firework show until 1am.

TAIPEI 101 Will Turn off Its External Lights for Carbon Neutrality Purposes for Eight Days since Jan. 5

The total carbon emissions for this year's firework show were estimated to be 7,626kg. As the world's tallest green building, TAIPEI 101 will turn off its external lights between Jan. 5 and Jan. 12 for carbon neutrality.

About TAIPEI 101

TAIPEI 101 is a landmark located in Xing-Yi District which held the record of world's tallest building between 2004 and 2010. The skyscraper is composed of two parts: a 6-storey shopping mall and a 101-storey main building. It's definitely the best way for tourists to experience Taipei city in different aspects by taking the world fastest elevators to the Observatory at 89th floor, or reserve a table in an observatory restaurant, enjoy your dinner with cloud outside. After the wonderful meal, you may walk down to TAIPEI 101 Mall, the first international top brand shopping mall in Taiwan, enjoy shopping at designer flagship stores. Are you ready to meet TAIPEI 101? Plan your journey right now!

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