LOS ALTOS, CA--(Marketwired - Jan 5, 2015) - Mobile promotions in the restaurant industry are gaining more and more traction with consumers but developing those that produce both high sales and customer satisfaction is not always easy according to Mowingo, a leading mobile customer engagement company. In the company's blog "7 Ways To Strengthen Mobile Promotions," Mowingo recommends specific best practice tips for both the novice and the veteran. The recommendations were also included in last month's issue of Restaurant Hospitality.

Recommendations include using a customer engagement technology platform that can provide precise detail on customer location and behavior; trouble shooting "push notifications" before they are sent out; maintaining transparency with restrictions; testing and cross referencing promotions to discover the best results; examining the true return on investment of discounts and incentives; the importance of creativity; and the benefits of creating urgency.

"Smartphones are everywhere," said Daniel Dreymann, co-founder and CEO of Mowingo commented. "So the question of whether your customers will make use of a mobile app is no longer an issue. The only real question is whether they are going to use one in your restaurant or your competitors'."

About Mowingo

Mowingo's mobile customer engagement platform makes it easy for brands and merchants to connect with customers, driving more store visits and repeat purchases. Mowingo helps brands empower their local managers to control promotions at the regional, market, and store levels.

Using targeted, intelligent offers, and time-sensitive notifications, in combination with geolocation technology, such as GPS and iBeacon, Mowingo effectively pushes the right message, at the right time, at the right location. Whether Mowingo creates a new app, or enhances a brand's existing app, its platform raises customer engagement, leading to improved business results.

Based in Silicon Valley, with an office in Burlington, MA, Mowingo's mobile platform is currently deployed at thousands of locations around the globe, engaging millions of consumers. To get a taste of Mowingo, download our McD App: http://mcdapp.com, or visit us at www.mowingo.com.