• Mainframe data is and will remain extremely valuable to enterprises—and must therefore be re-purposed for mobile apps, Big Data analytics and other new deliverables.
  • As experienced mainframers retire, the responsibility of leveraging high-value mainframe data falls to a new generation of developers and data architects who are unfamiliar with the platform.
  • Compuware uniquely addresses this urgent issue by empowering mainframe-inexperienced IT pros to discover, understand and work with both mainframe and non-mainframe data in a common, intuitive manner.
  • Compuware also announced that it has committed to an Agile development model whereby it will deliver new capabilities quarterly—an unprecedented commitment for a mainframe ISV.

DETROIT, Jan. 5, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Compuware Corporation, the world's leading mainframe-dedicated software company, today released Topaz, a highly innovative solution that empowers developers, data architects and other IT professionals to discover, visualize and work with both mainframe and non-mainframe data in a common, intuitive manner.

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Topaz addresses a pressing challenge for enterprises that run their businesses on IBM System z: how to effectively leverage their high-value mainframe data as veteran mainframe professionals retire—and the responsibility of leveraging that data falls to a new generation of developers and data architects who have little or no expertise in mainframe technologies.

Topaz solves this problem by accessing both mainframe and non-mainframe data from its underlying platform dependencies. This abstraction allows developers to quickly and easily perform tasks such as gathering test data from multiple sources. It also simplifies the incorporation of mainframe data into use-cases for Big Data analytics.

"The impending retirement of skilled mainframe developers poses a threat to global enterprises that CIOs haven't seen since the Y2K deadline—and that is even more problematic, given the increased importance of mainframe data in today's digital economy," said Compuware CEO Chris O'Malley. "With Topaz, Compuware is providing customers with an effective, immediate response to this threat so they can protect their tremendous investments in the mainframe and, just as importantly, capitalize on the tremendous business opportunities that depend on new mainframe data use-cases."

Key capabilities of Topaz include:

  • Visualization of data relationships across platforms. Developers, data architects, analysts and other IT professionals can visually manage vast quantities of data objects using Topaz's graphical representation of data relationships across the enterprise.
  • A single interface for editing data across file types.  With Topaz, developers no longer have to use source-specific tools to browse and edit data.  Instead, they can use a single intuitive data editor to manage Oracle, SQL Server, IMS, DB2 and other data across the enterprise.
  • Simplified file and data transfers. Topaz's Windows-like host to host copy functionality lets users easily drag and drop mainframe files and data from one host to another.  This again eliminates the need for mainframe-specific expertise. It is also much faster and easier than traditional transfer methods.

"Enterprises can gain tremendous business value from mainframe-resident data, but making use of this key asset is often limited by the need to understand the mysteries of applications developed in CICS and COBOL," said Tim Grieser, Program VP for Enterprise System Management Software at IDC. "Compuware is taking aim at this limitation by more broadly empowering IT professionals to understand and leverage data residing on IBM System z using graphical visualization tools."

Webcast and Additional Resources

Compuware will host a live webcast on Jan. 15 at 11 a.m. ET that will feature an in-depth demonstration of Topaz's capabilities. To register for the Webcast click here.

Visit compuware.com/topaz for more information including a Topaz video and related infographic.

Compuware's Agile Commitment

In addition to delivering this new, innovative solution, Compuware has also committed to an Agile development model whereby it will consistently deliver new capabilities on a quarterly release cycle. This streaming innovation model is in stark contrast to other mainframe ISVs, which typically operate under an annual release cycle. By providing more frequent solution enhancements, Compuware will be able to more tightly align its deliverables with customers' evolving needs—enabling them to more aggressively deliver value to their business in the form of new applications, analytics and IT services.

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