BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - Jan 6, 2015) -  Vince Gennaro, a recognized leader in the field of baseball analytics, is nationally known for, among other accomplishments, his groundbreaking study as a graduate student at the University of Chicago developing a methodology to measure the dollar value of then "big money" free agent Catfish Hunter. 

The author of Diamond Dollars: The Economics of Wining Baseball Gennaro now serves as President of the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR), an expert and consultant to Major League Baseball teams, and the Director of the Graduate Sports Management program at Columbia University. Naturally, he has monitored the painstaking development of SmartKage closely. 

"We are at the point in Major League Baseball (MLB) where the stakes are too high to rely purely on the naked eye," said Gennaro. "No doubt there are some remarkable scouts who can evaluate talent, but the level of information gleaned from a SmartKage session goes way beyond the traditional stopwatch and radar gun. It can mean the difference between a hit or a bust when it comes to the draft or a roster move and in today's game that could mean millions of dollars." 

SmartKage is the first quantitative technology system that measures comprehensive athletic performance for baseball and softball players. 

Each one-hour SmartKage session yields up to 75 performance metrics for baseball and softball players. The patented proprietary technologies are completely invisible to the user; there are no wires, markers or sensors on the athlete. Performance data is captured in real time and used for player development, identification, college recruiting and professional scouting. 

Best likened to the equivalent of a "Physical SAT™", Parent company SmartSports recently launched the first of 40 units in a schedule 160 unit nationwide rollout.

"Beyond analyzing player performance at all levels both amateur and professional, SmartKage can also assess the readiness of a player from rehab," added Gennaro. "If a player is recovering from an oblique strain and claims he is ready to play, SmartKage can objectively answer the question of his readiness. It can measure his torque compared to his baseline and help evaluate his level of recovery."

"SmartKage is a game changer which will not only have a profound impact on the game of baseball at all levels, but other sports it will enter in the near future," said Gennaro.

SmartSports has partnered with the nation's leaders in the sports industry. Partners include Rawlings Sporting Goods, the number one Baseball brand worldwide whose 125 years of product innovation has changed the game. 

SmartSports has also partnered with Sportvision, which, in conjunction with Major League Baseball Advanced Media (MLBAM), has permanently installed its PITCHf/x pitch tracking system in every MLB stadium. Additionally, SmartSports works with Major League teams in each of the six divisions as well as 3,600 colleges and universities.

About SmartSports/SmartKage
SmartSports is a privately held sports technology company developing smart sports products and environments. The Company develops and markets proprietary hardware and software systems that quantitatively measure athletic performance. Company products, including its fully automated SmartKage™, serve the amateur, collegiate and professional sports markets. Founded in 2008, the company is based in greater Boston, Massachusetts. For additional information please go to

Editor's Note: High res photos of SmartKage and its principals are available upon request. 

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