SILICON VALLEY, CA--(Marketwired - Jan 6, 2015) - JohnRyan Technologies ("JRT") today announced the release of its digital signage Portable Player, a web-based media Player application useable across all types of hardware and operating systems. Unlike other web-based players, when used in conjunction with JohnRyan's Quick Messenger digital signage content platform, the Portable Player offers:

  • An "on line" preview function showing live programming scheduled to any screen, including any local versioning of a message that is being rendered "on the fly"
  • An integrated on-line visualizer, showing a network-wide view of what's playing where, and the business logic that led to that result
  • Seamless integration with JohnRyan's full suite of remote surveillance tools, including Proof of Play, system-level diagnostics and a patent-pending self-healing screen monitoring solution
  • These features improve up-time while providing real-time strategic control to network operators and content managers

"The Portable Player and other soon-to-be-announced products reflect the 'new media' orientation of our Silicon Valley team," says Joe Donovan, JRT's Director of Product Development. Formerly head of engineering for Yahoo News and Yahoo Weather, Donovan's development team is comprised exclusively of world-class developers drawn from some of Silicon Valley's most technically elite engineering organizations.

JohnRyan Technologies is a wholly owned unit of JohnRyan. JohnRyan Technologies' digital communications platform and tools help clients, integrators and agencies manage and sustain high-performance digital signage networks through award-winning and affordable content, granular local targeting and proactive operational monitoring. Based in Minneapolis, Madrid, London and Silicon Valley, JohnRyan supports major retailers with traditional and digital POS marketing across thousands of locations worldwide.