COLUMBIA, MD--(Marketwired - Jan 7, 2015) - During the holiday season, the Global Vision Group, GVG, Team was able to analyze and pour into the specific achievements and highlights over the past year. 2014 proved it was the most profitable year to date in Global Vision Group's history. With the help of the Management Team, Managers Ahmad Hagler and James Hall, has successfully increased gross profits.

As the GVG Team looks forward to 2015, the Team is more confident about the goals they have set in place. Winning 6 awards in 2013, at the organization's national conference, it was trumped this year in 2014 by bringing home 17 awards. Recognitions for Hagler's organization included come-back manager of the year, various achievements and the presidents club awards.

Lindsey Wiseman, Human Resource Manager, won the top award for Administrators across the nation, and with Hagler taking away the Manager of the Year. However, the GVG Team doesn't plan on stopping there; looking into the GVG crystal ball, Hagler and Hall envision taking away at least 30 awards in 2015 throughout the entire organization. Together, they hope to have three administrators from Hagler's organization nominated for Admin of the Year, and Hagler hopes to promote eight new managers into undeveloped markets, come this year's national conference.

"The strategy to hit these goals, is to focus on becoming better people," explains Hagler. "Last year we worked on becoming better listeners and having a better student mentality; especially to those who are better than us, becoming better people ourselves, and I feel that because of all of that -- it is what helped us achieve our goals."

That same mentality will be continued within the Global Vision Group's 2015 blueprints and passed along to the rest of the organization and the next generation. Hagler is pushing to increase the number of territories by 71%, by 2016. Hagler and Hall believe the only way to accomplish such a feat is by reinventing themselves as better people on a more personal, allowing us the opportunities to sign on more clients and create better relationships and helping new programs grow.

With growth and increased gross and net profits expected to be at an all time high in 2015, GVG is actively seeking the three C's, confident, competitive and career-driven individuals. Those selected to assist with developing different programs and campaigns will help contribute to the already growing and successful path set in front of Global Vision Group.

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