LEAWOOD, KS--(Marketwired - Jan 7, 2015) - New research from the leaders in Social Security claiming strategies sheds light on the often confusing rules surrounding when to claim Social Security benefits prior to the recipient's full retirement age and while they're still working.

Nearly all financial planners know their clients' Social Security benefits can be affected by what's called the earnings tests, but they seldom know the details of these tests. The research is designed to provide background information about this important topic, as well as explain a special monthly test that sometimes applies.

With this information, financial planners can help their clients navigate the limitations imposed by the earnings tests to make an informed decision about when to begin Social Security benefits. The research was conducted by William Meyer, founder and CEO of Social Security Solutions, Inc. (www.SocialSecuritySolutions.com), and Dr. William Reichenstein, professor of investments at Baylor University as well as head of research for the company.

"It's incredibly important for advisors to understand the nuances of the earnings test," notes Meyer. "Baby boomers are retiring a rate of 10,000 per day, but some still want to continue to work in at least a part-time capacity. They increasingly expect their financial planner to help them navigate the earnings tests, including how and when to report estimated earnings."

It's common for financial planners to face situations where a client's earnings would affect their retirement benefits, their partner's spousal benefits, and perhaps their children's Social Security benefits, he explains. In addition, the spouse may have earnings, which could impact the spouse's retirement benefits, their spousal benefits, and, if the primary earner should predecease them, their survivor benefits.

"The government applies certain categories of earnings for the tests and not others," adds Dr. Reichenstein. "It is important for financial planners to understand which is which and have this detailed information to help their clients make the most of their Social Security benefits."

Meyer and Reichenstein are the most published experts on Social Security claiming strategies. They've been featured in leading consumer and industry publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Fortune Magazine, Morningstar, Kiplinger, and more.

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