PORTLAND, OR--(Marketwired - Jan 7, 2015) - A new poll conducted by DHM Research shows that Oregonians oppose implementation of the Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) if the program will increase the cost of fuel.

The poll, of 400 registered voters on Dec. 18, 2014, used the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality's own projections for fuel price increases under the LCFS.

It asked Oregonians if they would support or oppose implementation of the LCFS if they knew the cost of gasoline would increase between 6 and 19 cents per gallon -- numbers taken directly from Oregon DEQ projections. The poll found that Oregonians overwhelmingly oppose implementation of the LCFS by 56 percent, with only 38 percent of Oregonians supporting the increase. The number of those who strongly oppose the LCFS is almost double the number who strongly support the program -- 41 percent to 24 percent.

Further, the poll was conducted while Oregon was experiencing record-low fuel prices and, still, Oregonians overwhelmingly rejected increasing fuel prices under an LCFS program. The poll was paid for by the Oregon Fuels Association.

A copy of the question and context provided to those polled follows:

The Oregon Clean Fuels program, also known as the Low Carbon Fuel Standard, is set to expire at the end of 2015. The program itself has never been implemented, but the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality is adopting rules to implement it if the Legislature keeps the program from expiring. The program is designed to reduce the carbon content of transportation fuels in Oregon. Most economic studies agree that the program, if implemented, will increase the cost of gasoline and diesel.

Would you support or oppose the implementation of the Oregon Clean Fuels program if you knew that the cost of gasoline in Oregon would go up between 6 cents and 19 cents per gallon? Is that strongly or somewhat?

Response Category N=400
Strongly support 24%
Somewhat support 14%
Somewhat oppose 15%
Strongly oppose 41%
Don't know 6%

About Oregonians for Sound Fuel Policy:
Oregonians for Sound Fuel Policy is a coalition of fuel users, consumers and business organizations opposed to the adoption of the proposed Clean Fuels Program in Oregon, also known as a Low Carbon Fuel Standard. For more information, visit http://www.oregonfuelpolicy.com.

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