ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwired - Jan 8, 2015) - EasyCare®, the leading independent provider of automotive ownership benefits, has partnered with world renowned speaker and leadership/management trainer Dave Anderson and his Dave Anderson's LearnToLead® program to deliver Dave's impactful message to the EasyCare dealer network.

Through the partnership, EasyCare's national team of dealership training professionals will have complete access to all aspects of Dave Anderson's LearnToLead® content on the EasyCare Virtual Training platform. They will be able to share that training in person with EasyCare dealers and their personnel to help them improve in areas of sales, management and leadership. Additionally, EasyCare dealerships are offered special pricing for a subscription to Dave Anderson's complete LearntoLead vault for ongoing training and improvement.

EasyCare Virtual Training is an interactive training platform that offers managers the opportunity to track their employees' learning about EasyCare consumer benefits. The training software is designed to work in concert with regularly scheduled training meetings, and is used to augment product knowledge and best practices. With the easily accessible, short training clips, dealers are able to effectively serve up bite-sized information daily. EasyCare Virtual Training even features limited content from some of the automotive industry's most effective trainers. Modules from Jeff Cowan's ProTalk series, Alan Ram's Proactive Training Solutions and Dave Anderson's LearnToLead are available for full access with subscription.

"The LearnToLead training library brings a complete 24/7 training process that creates the skills, attitude, discipline and consistency your team members need to reach their fullest potential," said Vanessa English, Virtual Training Director of The Dave Anderson Corporation. "Our training library is unique because we film and upload new material monthly, so that we can bring you training that is more timely, relevant and real-world. The library contains a vast selection of training topics ranging from three-minute, quick-hit meeting starters to complete courses on vital topics."

Dave Anderson shares his content with the EasyCare Virtual Training platform, and partners with EasyCare for various training events, such as the Best Training Day Ever™. Speaking at this single most valuable automotive training day of the year for the third year in a row, Dave Anderson will continue to share highly effective management and leadership skills that transcend the automotive industry and instigate personal betterment through organization.

"With the Dave Anderson training library, you will find sales and leadership training to help you grow yourself, your team and your organization," said David Colville, EasyCare Virtual Training Manager. "It's not just purely dealership-focused; it's life-focused. Dealers will benefit in their personal relationships and their self-management, as well as their leadership skills."

Dealers will find great value in subscribing to Dave Anderson's LearnToLead content on EasyCare's Virtual Training platform, and receive continual inspiration from the international sales and leadership guru.

About the Best Training Day Ever
The Best Training Day Ever™ 2015 is brought together by a group of high profile partners including EasyCare®, Motor Trend® Certified, Covideo® by EasyCare®, NCM® Associates, Shell Lubricants and PureCars®. The 2015 event will feature Dave Anderson of Learn to Lead®, Jeff Cowan of Jeff Cowan's Pro Talk and Alan Ram of Proactive Training Solutions. Each contributor specializes in a different segment of automotive retail and will provide training ranging from service, sales, and communications to management, leadership, motivation, and business analytics. To learn more, please visit

About EasyCare®
EasyCare's mission is to "Help others Succeed." The company offers benefits that provide more coverage and better customer service, allowing the dealer to deliver a better buying and ownership experience to their customers. EasyCare delivers MORE; the company creates more customers, buying more, staying loyal to the dealership longer and coming back to purchase their next vehicle. EasyCare provides a full suite of training programs, management development, proprietary software and the only F&I Benefits menu to be deemed a "Motor Trend Recommended Best Buy" for franchised dealers. For over 30 years, EasyCare has delivered a better ownership experience to over 7 million consumers, and more profit to more than 2,500 dealerships.

About LearnToLead®
LearnToLead is an international sales and leadership training and consulting company whose mission is to provide the tools and inspiration needed for clients to meet their full personal and corporate potential. Renowned author and speaker, Dave Anderson provides a dynamic, no nonsense approach to get you on the right track to grow your business, your team and yourself. Dave has authored 12 books, given over 1,500 workshops and speeches and has spoken in 15 countries over the past 15 years. LearnToLead's in-person training, as well as online training, delivers the resources to go from a good leader to an EXCELLENT leader. For more information on LearnToLead, please call 818-735-9503 or visit

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