MILTON, MA--(Marketwired - Jan 8, 2015) - BoomWriter, the educational division of BoomWriter Media, Inc., today announced ProjectWriter, its highly anticipated nonfiction take on its signature collaborative writing platform. This offering allows teachers to conduct nonfiction group-writing projects focusing on key unit concepts and terms. Be it History/Social Studies, Science, Technical Subjects, or ELA, ProjectWriter is ideal for dissecting whole units of study into smaller sections, letting students synthesize and demonstrate their knowledge and understanding.

"Today, students are not simply being asked to regurgitate facts and figures associated with particular units of study, but rather, are expected to be able to clearly convey in writing, their understanding of the concepts and terms being taught," offered Ken Haynes, BoomWriter co-founder and COO. Haynes, a former middle school and special education teacher, who was the first to pilot BoomWriter in the classroom, continued, "ProjectWriter will undoubtedly help develop and enhance these abilities with students as they produce their own work, while also conducting authentic peer review and assessment."

ProjectWriter enables teachers to choose to include important vocabulary terms and figures for their students to apply in their writing. For each section, teachers can incorporate a new set of vocabulary words, as well as new guidance notes for their students to focus on for that specific unit concept. Teachers can then use their students' submissions to assess the levels of understanding taking place on both an individual and/or whole class basis, as well as provide individualized feedback.

ProjectWriter, like all of BoomWriter's features, is aligned with the Common Core State Standards. Also, as with BoomWriter's story-writing platform and interactive vocabulary tool WordWriter, students review and assess the anonymous work of their classmates and vote for the piece that best conveys that particular section's key unit concept.

When finished, students will have a deeper understanding of the subject unit as a whole through ProjectWriter's immersive and personalized learning process. Teachers will soon be able to publish their completed project allowing students to have collaborated in the creation their very own textbooks. For more information and to register for free, please visit:

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