PARIS, FRANCE--(Marketwired - Jan 9, 2015) - Visiomed, innovator in connected medical grade devices, today launched their new brand, BewellConnect. Created to empower people to take control of their health and lifestyle, BewellConnect links all devices with a single, free app.

Mobile medical grade healthcare products address the growing need for flexible and efficient physician monitoring and patient engagement. Connected lifestyle devices increase accountability, complementing professional wellness programs and personal fitness goals. Monitoring and two-way communication devices connect and protect families, for added communication and reassurance.

The new BewellConnect brand addresses all of these needs, collecting health and fitness data, centralizing and compiling data in a single app, and interpreting the data all in real-time. Recognized for both precision and accuracy, BewellConnect devices are scientifically backed for health care use, while the user friendly interface makes BewellConnect attractive to general consumers.

In this ground breaking application of infrared technology, patent ThermoFlash® takes the temperature of the temporal artery in less than one second without touching the patient, providing a precise reading, eliminating contamination risk, and reducing the need to disinfect the thermometer after each use. This medical grade thermometer is the weapon of choice for medical professionals fighting Ebola and is endorsed by the WHO and the US Army for use in the regions most affected by this virus.

Easy to use, MyThermo is equally suited for at-home use. The BewellConnect app tracks personal temperature over an extended period of time to address personal fluctuations in temperature and pinpoint ovulation cycles for family planning. 

This smart, connected, armband blood pressure monitor automatically takes three measurements in a row, with revolutionary MAM technology. Patients can use this system in conjunction with medical care, and share their graphs with their physicians.

This smart, connected, wireless pulse oximeter measures oxygen saturation and pulse in real-time.

Both physical activity and sleep are tracked, and the device vibrates reminding users to wake-up, move, eat and sleep. Daily, weekly and monthly data can be compared to track progress, and the device can also sync with a smartphone.

This analytic body scale follows weight evolution and key health indicators including bones, muscles and water mass.

Monitor and communicate with relatives day and night with this compact, discreet, wireless camera and microphone. The multidirectional lens is flexible and the infrared camera offers night vision to maximize user benefit.

Motion and noise can be captured in real time thank to this interactive IP camera. Up to four devices connect to one camera and email alerts ensure nothing will be missed.

This GPS/GSM/GPRS tracker monitors pets' activity and location, to track exercise, fitness and location.

Data collected by BewellConnect is stored in the BewellConnect app, granting users complete and secure access to their information.

About Visiomed
Founded in 2007, Visiomed has a strong history in medical grade devices. Based in Paris, the group recently launched BewellConnect and became the first medical device laboratory to incorporate the Internet of Things (IoT), connecting devices through a single easy-to-use app. With scientific credibility and well-recognized accuracy of the readings and analysis, BewellConnect devices are designed for medical use, wellness program, and smart-home environments. Visiomed is certified by Oseo Innovation and has been recognized with the Technology Fast 50 Deloitte Award and the Technology Fast 500 Deloitte Awards for the EMEA with 14,169% growth. In 2013 the company made a global turnover of $14 million.

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