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Sunnybrook Extends eUnity(TM) Universal Image and Report Viewing Capability to Hospital Diagnostic Imaging Repository Services (HDIRS)

WATERLOO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Jan. 13, 2015) - Client Outlook Inc., a leading provider of clinical image viewing solutions, announced today its customer, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, the largest single site hospital in Canada, has extended its implementation of eUnity™ to enable Sunnybrook clinicians to view all medical images stored within PACS and HDIRS via the hospital's SunnyCare portal.

eUnity™ currently supports 2,500 clinicians within the Sunnybrook healthcare enterprise, offering universal, anywhere, anytime access to diagnostic quality images and reports from the hospital's Agfa™ IMPAX™ PACS system. Integration with the Hospital Diagnostic Imaging Repository Services (HDIRS) through the SunnyCare portal links Sunnybrook to 38 community and teaching hospitals across Ontario, providing Sunnybrook specialists with immediate web-based access to diagnostic quality images and reports stored within that network.

Prior to the eUnity integration with HDIRS, patients from the community referred to Sunnybrook would be required to bring to their initial appointment a CD with all previous images. This manual workflow was slow and inefficient. It afforded Sunnybrook clinicians little prep time. Image retrieval from the CD was slow and clunky, and information provided to clinicians was often dependent on a patient's own recollection of their medical history.

With the new eUnity/HDIRS/SunnyCare system, Sunnybrook clinicians have single point of access to all images and reports generated across all HDIRS member sites. This ensures clinicians have the widest possible access to a patient's entire imaging history, and ensures no relevant information is missed. It can also help to reduce patient risk through avoidance of repeat or duplicated images.

"By broadening eUnity's reach, and extending its universal viewing capability beyond Sunnybrook PACS to HDIRS via the SunnyCare portal, we are able to facilitate greater collaboration and knowledge sharing between physicians at member sites and our specialists here at Sunnybrook. We also eliminate many of the manual inefficiencies that slow workflows related to the exchange of information today, allowing our clinicians to remain focused on creating a positive and impactful care experience for their patients. Within just two days of its deployment the eUnity/HDIRS/SunnyCare system, was used to access imaging for nearly 3,000 patients across Ontario, expediting their access to Sunnybrook's care," says Oliver Tsai, Director of Information Technology, Sunnybrook Health Sciences.

"Sunnybrook, Client Outlook and the Hospital Digital Imaging Repository Services (HDIRS) have made the world a much smaller place. Imaging is crucial in the treatment of cancer patients, and by leveraging the power of the network, these incredible technologies help bring patients' medical imaging done in their hometown to the fingertips of our specialists," says Dr. Calvin H.L. Law, Chief, Sunnybrook Odette Cancer Centre and Regional Vice President, Cancer Care Ontario. "Our primary responsibility is to deliver the best and most specialized cancer care, while always pushing to invent the future of healthcare. But we also know that our absolute number one priority is simply our patients. This newest development allows us to achieve all that: invent the future of healthcare delivery by using technology to improve our patients' lives and speed their access to cancer treatments."

eUnity™ is available for iOS on the Apple App Store, for Android through Google Play, and for the Blackberry Playbook through Blackberry App World. When used on mobile devices, eUnity™ is for reference and referral only.

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