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AMAG Technology

Future Fibre Technologies Certifies its Central Alarms Monitoring System with AMAG Technology under Symmetry Extended Business Solutions Program

AMAG Technology, an access control, IP video, and intrusion detection (IDS) solution provider, is pleased to announce that Future Fibre Technologies is now a member of the Symmetry™ Extended Business Solutions Program as a Certified Partner. Future Fibre Technologies has integrated its Central Alarms Monitoring System FFTCAMS™ 3 v3.9.5 intrusion detection software with AMAG's Symmetry v7.0 access control software. AMAG Technology and Future Fibre Technologies cooperatively tested and certified this integration.

"Our technology partnership with Future Fibre Technologies allows us the opportunity to better service our shared customers and offer them advanced business solutions to meet their security needs. FFT's Central Alarm Monitoring System (FFT CAMS™) seamless integration with AMAG's Symmetry™ access control system gives end-users a powerful perimeter intrusion detection solution with the ability to monitor all access and perimeter alarms through a single interface," said AMAG Technology, Symmetry Extended Business Solutions Program Manager, Adam Shane. "Security staff can pinpoint alarm locations and quickly address situations as needed." For more information: http://www.amag.com/news/fft.aspx

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HP Enterprise Services
Mr. Stu Hammer
Director, USPS Application Services Practice
HP Enterprise Services, U.S. Public Sector

"Applications modernization has become imperative as the maintenance of 'mature' applications has increased -- consuming a disproportionate share of resources. HP aligns critical applications and infrastructure with your overall modernization program. We can help you address risk, optimize benefits and prioritize the business needs of your applications. There are some very significant benefits that we can get through modernization. We've seen between 25 and 45 percent savings in a reduction in operations cost, development cost and overall portfolio size. The approach HP uses has been successfully executed with hundreds of modernization projects -- leveraging the Advise, Transform and Manage approach, which is backed up with a strong methodology, tools and the experience to execute and de-risk the approach. What's critical in this process is to start with a complete assessment. It's mandatory that you get the plan right and you know what your portfolio, know what your application environment is so you can execute successfully. We've seen clients fail by ineffectively planning this assessment phase. If you do nothing, your costs are going to continue to rise; executing a transformation plan is critical."

For the complete interview with Stu Hammer at HP, please click here, or here: http://securitysolutionswatch.com/Interviews/in_Boardroom_HP_Hammer.html .

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HP Application Security Solutions
Transform to the New Style of IT - HP Solutions for U.S. Public Sector



Identiv Inc. (NASDAQ: INVE), a global security technology company that provides trusted identity solutions for premises, information, and everyday items, recently announced that STANLEY Security Solutions, a leading global security company specializing in advanced integrated security solutions, has joined the Identiv Channel Alliance Network (ICAN) Program.

STANLEY is now able to deliver Identiv's identity and access control products and solutions to its global customer base in the education, financial, healthcare, government, retail, and other markets.

"We look forward to the continued growth and success of our partnership with Identiv," said Jeremy Morton, vice president and general manager of software and controls at STANLEY. "Identiv's diverse portfolio of identity management solutions and credentials, paired with STANLEY's innovative intrusion and biometric offerings, create a comprehensive suite of products that are unique and compelling for our customers."

"In this increasingly connected world, organizations must upgrade their legacy security systems and implement a unified solution for physical and information access, addressing key trends such as mobility and the post-password era," said Jason Hart, Identiv CEO. "We are thrilled to have STANLEY as a partner with its extensive market presence, breadth of services, and customer base. Working together, STANLEY and Identiv can offer next-generation high-security solutions that connect physical access and information systems across secured networks with one universal identity."

The ICAN Program enables partners to help their customers establish trust in the connected world of all things -- including premises, information, devices, and even everyday items, such as medicines and toys. The ICAN Program makes it easy for partners to go to market with Identiv's solutions, streamline sales cycles with real-time support and expertise, and maximize profitability.

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ImageWare Systems, Inc.
ImageWare Will Combine Technologies with TransUnion to Offer Biometric Authentication for Fraud Prevention

ImageWare Systems, Inc. (OTCQB: IWSY) (ImageWare), a leader in mobile and cloud-based, multi-modal biometric identity management solutions, recently announced a new alliance with TransUnion. The alliance integrates TransUnion's ID Manager solution with ImageWare's out-of-band biometric authentication product, GoVerifyID™, allowing ImageWare to deliver advanced fraud-prevention capabilities to organizations. The relationship also helps accelerate consumer adoption of biometric authentication.

Biometric authentications, which include voice, eye, signature, fingerprint and facial recognition, provide an additional layer of fraud defense to TransUnion's and ImageWare's customers. Through the relationship, consumer identities will be thoroughly analyzed using both biometric signatures and the TransUnion ID Manager platform. Both TransUnion and ImageWare customers will benefit from new seamless access to these fraud prevention tools.

"In the past 12 months, the scope and frequency of data breaches have placed a growing burden on U.S. consumers who are often frustrated with inadequate, excessive or ineffective responses to compromised data," said Jeff Brown, vice president of identity risk solutions at TransUnion. "Through our relationship with ImageWare, we can offer customers an added level of fraud defense that helps them quickly establish a trusted relationship with consumers."

Identity verification tools help organizations verify and ensure the correct customer is accessing information or accounts, which reduces risk exposure and potential loss. With biometric authentications, organizations can ensure they are integrating advanced fraud-prevention capabilities, while gaining additional consumer trust in their security procedures.

"Biometrics are the key to effective and seamless security in mobile channels," said Jim Miller, chairman and CEO of ImageWare. "TransUnion has a record of innovation in fraud solutions for businesses and consumers. This integration with the TransUnion ID Manager platform allows us to quickly enroll users while enhancing the security of a rapidly-growing technology to the benefit of both of our customers." For more information: www.iwsinc.com/imageware-to-combine-technologies-with-transunion

ImageWare also recently announced...

ImageWare Systems Debuts Biometrics-as-a-Service Identity Authentication Solution Combined With FUJITSU Retail Solution Market Place

GoVerifyID™ software application will be demonstrated within an omni-channel workflow transacting with the FUJITSU Retail Solution Market Place. The demo, with GoVerifyID identity authentication running on the FUJITSU Cloud IaaS Trusted Public S5, will be shown at next week's Fujitsu Forum in Munich, Germany.

FUJITSU Retail Solution Market Place is an omni-channel Point of Service (PoS) application that allows retailers to significantly simplify and enhance the customer shopping experience and increase revenue while reducing IT costs. FUJITSU Market Place achieves this by supporting enterprise-wide transaction and order fulfillment to deliver a consistent and seamless buying experience to customers across traditional point of service, online and mobile channels.

FUJITSU Market Place breaks down the barrier between orders and in-store shopping by combining both in a single transaction. For customers, this means consistent pricing, promotions and customer experience whether online, in-store or using a mobile device. Combined with the IWS Identity Authentication Solution, retailers and customers can be more secure in their transaction processing, ensuring that the person attempting the transaction has been authenticated and verified. The result is a lower risk of transaction fraud, whether online or in a physical retail store.

"We are very pleased to demonstrate ImageWare Systems' Biometrics-as-a-Service Identity Authentication Solution at Fujitsu Forum in Munich," stated Rowan Cape, director of Global Retail Software Solutions at Fujitsu America, Inc. "Adding IWS's fast and powerful biometric authentication to transaction processing elevates the level of trust that can be established between retailers and their customers, minimizing the overall risk of fraud from the entire retail operation."

The IWS GoVerifyID identity authentication solution, in addition to being algorithm and hardware agnostic, enables plug-n-play technology and can be deployed globally as an enterprise end-to-end or modular solution that can be implemented in a matter of hours rather than days or weeks. GoVerifyID, which is a part of the GoCloudID platform that includes a software development kit (SDK), enables rapid integration into existing company programs and applications.

"Through our partnership with Fujitsu and their global omni-channel commerce solution, FUJITSU Market Place, the demonstration shows we can bring convenience and biometric-based security to retailing and 'e-tailing' via the omni-channel functions that Fujitsu Market Place addresses, improving customer service and overall enterprise efficiency," says Jim Miller, Chairman and CEO of ImageWare. For more information: www.iwsinc.com/imageware-debuts-biometrics-as-a-service-with-fujitsus-retail-solution-market-place

To learn more about ImageWare Systems GoVerifyID, please go to: http://iwsinc.com/products/goverifyid/
For the complete interview with Jim Miller, ImageWare Systems, Chairman and CEO, please click here or here: http://securitystockwatch.com/Interviews/in_Boardroom_ImageWare.html 
For more information: www.iwsinc.com

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Mr. Will Geoghegan, Cloud Architect, TPS5 Cloud & ISV Partner Solutions, Fujitsu Americas.



"Beating the Product Pirates at their Own Game

"How do you know that your favorite football team shirt you bought recently is an original? Were those sport shoes really made by your favorite brand? How do you know -- how does a retailer know -- if any product on sale was actually manufactured by the company whose name is on the label?

"Now, a concept created by PROVA Group, combined with technology from SMARTRAC, make it possible for manufacturers to authenticate branded goods quickly, easily and cheaply. End users can also check if the branded goods are authentic via a simple smartphone app at time of purchase. The new solution, which uses embedded SMARTRAC NFC tags, has been commercialized by the PROVA Group to provide authentication for products in four key branding areas: sports collectibles; sports merchandise; luxury goods; and consumer goods. 

"PROVA is a mobile and Web technology company pioneering the use of smart chips, smartphones and Cloud-based technologies to deliver solutions that engage fans, collectors and consumers, and protect them from counterfeit goods." For more information: www.smartrac-group.com/beating-the-product-pirates-at-their-own-game.html

For the complete interview with Mr. Thomas Hitzer, Head of Product House, SMARTRAC TECHNOLOGY GROUP, please click here or here:
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StrikeForce Technologies

StrikeForce Technologies Inc. Recently Announced Cino Ltd., as a Global Cyber Security Distributor

StrikeForce Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB: SFOR), a company that specializes in Cyber Security solutions for the prevention of Identity Theft and Data Breaches, recently announced that Cino Ltd. has signed on to distribute StrikeForce's Cyber Security Solutions. "We are very pleased that Cino Ltd. has partnered with us to distribute our Cyber Security products," says Mark L. Kay, CEO of StrikeForce. Cino Ltd. is a leading Security Systems Integrator that understands today's ever changing cyber & technological threats. The Cino Ltd. Security team offers Security Analysis, Vulnerability Assessment, Full Penetration Testing, and Cyber Forensics. Joseph Saracino is President and CEO of Cino Ltd. and has served in the United States Navy as a Naval Intelligence Officer for more than 30 years and continues to be active as a Military & Education Liaison, VA Certifying Official, as well as a Global Yellow Ribbon presenter to Active Duty troops and Reserve Personnel. He also continues to consult to Homeland security and Joint Military Task force commands. "We here at Cino Ltd. are excited to distribute throughout our National and International family of clients the full range of products offered through Strikeforce Technologies.

"Our position is to bring to market relevant and targeted products that impact our clients in a positive way. We specialize in the areas of Hospitality, Healthcare, and Retail industries to name a few. We strive to keep our clients in a safe and secure cyber environment by adding to our portfolio the full array of products Developed by Strikeforce Technologies." -- Joseph Saracino, President and CEO, Cino Ltd.

For the complete interview with Mark L. Kay, StrikeForceTechnologies, Chairman and CEO, please click here or here: www.securitystockwatch.com/Interviews/in_Boardroom_StrikeForce.html
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Elite Interactive Solutions

Mr. Aria Kozak, President and Chief Executive Officer, Elite Interactive Solutions, Inc., told us, "Many people in the industry know me as the Father of Remote Guarding. This is a term I was using twenty years ago. Today, this refers to providing security of any property, anywhere in the country by remote, command center based agents. But Elite has taken this idea and expanded it beyond what anyone else, to my knowledge is doing. We do this through a proprietary combination of staffing, guided processes, client-facility based systems and our world-class Security Operations Command Center (our SOCC). The client's system design is based on our detailed site review and forensic analysis. The resulting specifications include video cameras converted by military grade software into undercover digital guards that monitor and protect the property's perimeter and further defined interiors. Once this system is installed, we connect the site to the SOCC via the internet to support operation by highly trained Command Center agents. Armed with our command center's state-of-the-art systems and tools, Elites agents remotely secure any facility, anywhere in the United States."

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For more information: www.EliteInteractiveSolutions.com


Advanced Biometrics
Wednesday, 11 February 2015 - Friday, 13 February 2015
Washington, D.C.

The concept of the "super-identity" in physical and cyber spaces using retina scanning, iris structure, hand geometry, vein structure, voice, personal touch and keystroke recognition have become the future of biometrics, creating one core identity to verify characteristics that are unique to only one person. With the widespread adoption of biometrics, there is also the potential to undermine privacy with increased awareness related to phone surveillance, internet hacking and identity theft.

Advanced Biometrics: Future Trends and Applications, February 11-13th in Washington, D.C. presents insights into how to overcome data security obstacles presented by traditional means and the emergence of new biometric trends, advancements, drivers, and opportunities that will shape the biometrics industry of the future. Advanced Biometrics: Future Trends and Applications is a must-attend event for anyone currently using or considering the use of biometric technology, as it will showcase the latest applications and expertise of the industry to ensure the best business decisions in implementing biometric technology now and in the future.


May 5-7, 2015
Washington, DC

CARTES SECURE CONNEXIONS AMERICA is a new business event designed to promote smart technologies in the large and dynamic North American market. CARTES SECURE CONNEXIONS AMERICA combines a high level conference program with international experts and a comprehensive exhibition featuring the most representative companies in the industry.

They will present their latest innovative technologies in card manufacturing, payment solutions, identification and authentication solutions, mobility and digital security. They will benefit from a booming market with the potential deployment of EMV standard, the arrival of NFC-enabled mobile phones and the numerous e-government and security applications. Based on the international success and development of the existing CARTES events, the organizer of CARTES SECURE CONNEXIONS AMERICA will provide a high level business event for all the decision makers in the smart security industry.


The World of Cloud Computing All in One Place!
Cloud Computing - Big Data - Internet of Things - SDDC - WebRTC - DevOps
Join Us at Cloud Expo New York June 9-11

Cloud computing is now being embraced by a majority of enterprises of all sizes. Yesterday's debate about public vs. private has transformed into the reality of hybrid cloud: a recent survey shows that 74% of enterprises have a hybrid cloud strategy. Meanwhile, 94% of enterprises are using some form of XaaS -- software, platform, and infrastructure as a service. Cloud Expo is the single show where delegates and technology vendors can meet to experience and discuss the entire world of the cloud.


connect:ID - An Exploration of Physical & Digital Identity in the 21st Century
Walter E. Washington Convention Centre, Washington, D.C., USA
Conference: March 23-25, 2015 - Exhibition: March 24-25, 2015

Science Media Partners Ltd and the International Biometrics & Identification Association (IBIA) will power the visionary, international conference and exhibition -- connect:ID  -- that focuses on all aspects of personal identity and the opportunities for its management in both the physical and digital worlds.

Taking place on March 23-25, 2015, in the heart of Washington, D.C., connect:ID will unite solutions adopters and stakeholders from the four corners of the globe and will explore the development and fusion of multiple advanced identity technologies -- including biometrics, secure credentials and digital identity systems.

Contact: Janine Bill, Exhibition Sales & Sponsorship Manager at Tel No: +44 (0) 1189 843209 or by email at: j.bill@sciencemediapartners.com. www.connectidexpo.com


Counter Terror Expo is the leading international event dedicated to mitigating the threat of terrorism.
April 21-22, 2015, Olympia, London

Over 10,000 attendees involved in the protection and security of private and public interests come from across the globe to explore solutions for threat mitigation, protection against attacks and to understand the risks they face. The exhibition, featuring over 300 exhibitors, showcases the latest counter terror technology and solutions. In recent years it has been the launch platform for some of the most innovative products on the market.

Click here to register as a visitor (http://clarion.circdata-solutions.co.uk/Microsites/RFG/publish/CTX15/)
Click here to find out more about exhibiting (https://www.counterterrorexpo.com/page.cfm/Action=Form/FormID=1/t=m)


Cybersecurity Congress presented by PSA Security Network

Cybersecurity is poised to become the biggest issue facing physical security integrators. The risks are real and the question is, do you have the knowledge, skills, and tools you need to assess your cybersecurity risks and respond should an attack occur? 

Take action and learn more about cybersecurity issues in the physical security industry at the Cybersecurity Congress, presented by PSA Security Network on January 20-21, 2015 in Westminster, CO. Attendees will have the opportunity to connect with other senior leaders and learn about the risks and liabilities they face, how to establish policies to defend against or respond to threats, and how to adopt security control standards for their organizations.


April 15-17, 2015
San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, Calif

RFID Journal LIVE! is the world's largest and most important event focused on radio frequency identification and related technologies. Now in its 13th year, LIVE! features more than 200 exhibitors from around the world. The conference program, which feature more than 100 sessions -- including more than 50 new end-user case studies -- is comprised of preconference seminars, the main conference (keynotes and tracks) and post-conference master classes and workshops.


SDW 2015 - The Global Hub For Next Generation Citizen & Government ID Solutions
QEII Conference Centre, Westminster, London, UK
Conference: 9-11 June 2015 - Exhibition 10-11 June 2015

SDW 2015 (Security Document World) -- the world's leading document security show -- focuses on ePassports, visas, driving licenses, national IDs, worker credentials, advanced border control, anti-counterfeiting, fraud detection, and much more. The event will provide a global showcase for next-generation human identity solutions, focusing on intrinsic document security and on the new cutting-edge secure infrastructure now required to produce and use these advanced documents in live situations. Plus, a special focus on Biometrics, Document Fraud Detection and Intelligent Border Control.

Janine Bill, Exhibition Sales & Sponsorship Manager at Tel No: +44 (0) 1189 843209 or by email at: www.sdw2014.com


Smart Card Alliance presents the 8th Annual Conference
2015 Payments Summit
February 3-5 * Grand America Hotel * Salt Lake City
Payments at a Higher Level

At the beginning of the year hundreds of industry executives will convene high in the Rocky Mountains at Payments Summit, the leading forum for secure payment technology, implementation, and markets. They come for high-level discussion on every leading transaction platform: EMV card payments, mobile payments, and transport payments. Over 600 came together last February in Salt Lake City. The next event will build on that success with an expanded program and an up-to-the minute conference agenda. Reserve your seat now at this gathering of leading smart card practitioners, solutions developers, end users, and suppliers.

The US is the world's largest payments ecosystem and the migration to EMV "the global transaction security standard" has now begun in earnest. Yet, for many banks, credit unions, issuers and merchants there is still a frustrating lack of clarity. At the same time, NFC-enabled payments are starting to take shape as card networks, telecoms and handset manufacturers target the market with mobile wallet solutions. But no ubiquitous model for all merchants and issuers has emerged. Finally, transit ridership is considered by many to be the killer app in expanding the use of open standards-based contactless bank card and mobile payments, and major transit operators have launched pilots nationwide.