Phantom Fiber Corporation Acquires XoDoc Technologies LLC.

New York, New York, UNITED STATES

NEW YORK, Jan. 16, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Phantom Fiber Corporation (OTC Mkts:PHFB), announces the acquisition of XoDoc Technologies, LLC. ("XoDoc") a leading provider of secure enterprise level business management solutions.

1 Click Manager®, a wholly owned subsidiary of XoDoc, is an affordable, customizable and robust enterprise level software for browsers and handheld devices and is available for alternative lenders and ISOs (Independent Sales Offices) in the merchant services industry.  1 Click Manager reports and manages electronic payment and settlement of transactions. XoDoc is currently integrated with the largest payment processors in the world.

XoDoc, founded by Frank Cristaudo, focuses its efforts in finance, big data and merchant service industries.  XoDoc currently services over 4,000 copier locations for copier dealers. XoDoc maintains, customizes and supports its clients' individual versions of 1 Click Manager® that has supported more than 300 merchant service offices, a million plus merchants and over 90 payment processors worldwide. 

"The XoDoc acquisition will enable Phantom Fiber to commence marketing its value added solutions to the existing XoDoc-PHFB customer base and proceed to market value added services to 400,000 businesses via 17,000 sales professionals nationwide.  We are very pleased and confident that this acquisition will create significant value for our existing shareholders, investors and business partners," said Kevin Kading, CEO of Phantom Fiber.

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