NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Jan 21, 2015) - Varick Media Management and ReactX announced today, at the Ad Exchanger Industry Preview 2015 conference in NYC, a partnership to deliver high-impact ad creatives at scale in real-time by offering rich media, Flash and HTML5 ad executions across thousands of sites programmatically.

"Previously, delivering high-impact ad creatives at scale has been challenging for brands, but with ReactX's cross-device delivery technology, the problem of high-impact ad creatives not being available in RTB has been solved," said Varick Media Management VP of Product Strategy Jim Caruso. "We've found that these creatives do a great job of drawing the consumer's attention and delivering the kind of engagement and experiences that brand advertisers are looking for."

The ReactX platform has access to more than 10 billion monthly custom high-impact ad impressions and provides previously unreachable scale to brand advertisers who can now target the audiences that matter to them, all while using cutting-edge cross-device creative, including adaptive homepage custom executions, skins, peels, and video overlays. ReactX technology pre-qualifies supply in real time, enabling Varick to offer its clients custom high-impact ad executions across viewable, brand-safe inventory while utilizing creatives that are proven to exceed standard advertising performance benchmarks.

"Varick combines great targeting and buying efficiency for its advertisers, enabling them to tap into unique audiences that deliver results," said ReactX CEO Chip Meyers. "We're excited to enable Varick's marketing clients to scale custom high-impact ad executions across thousands of sites in one fell swoop through RTB exchanges, which increases efficiency by enabling them to finally automate the billions of brand dollars that are currently sitting outside of the programmatic platforms."

About Varick Media Management
Varick Media Management provides advertisers and brands the tools to establish connections with their customers through programmatic advertising solutions. We deliver a brand's message across multiple media channels, creative formats, and inventory sources. Our proprietary software platform, Alveo, assembles multiple data points and activates them in real-time across addressable media channels, allowing you to plan, buy and clearly measure your campaign's execution.

About ReactX
ReactX is the ad industry's largest and most innovative premium high-impact custom cross device advertising technology platform built specifically for RTB. ReactX has exclusive integrations with the most powerful and largest buyers and sellers of digital advertising that helps them scale high-impact ad units across biddable inventory that previously were only available in direct, manual buys. Led by long time experts of premium display and rich media, ReactX allows brand marketers to marry their reach and engagement goals by combining the impact and engagement of rich media, large canvas type ads with the efficiency and scale of programmatic buying. ReactX is headquartered in Venice, CA and advised by top industry leaders such as Mike Wann, CRO Fullscreen; Ari Paparo, CEO Beeswax; Max Mead/SVP TubeMogul; and Alex Berger, Founder of the Oligarchs and Entjoy. For more information on ReactX, please visit

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