MILTON, MA--(Marketwired - Jan 26, 2015) - BoomWriter Media, Inc. today announced the release of its online consumer application called Skrawl. The application is continuing to build on the momentum of BoomWriter's education platform that currently has produced over 2 million writing collaborations written during the last 24 months.

Skrawl takes a unique approach to collaborative writing where users compete for pieces of stories. Whether it is an article, editorial copy, novel or script, Skrawl can deliver higher quality content in faster timeframes than traditional writing collaboration sites. Unlike blogs, online forums, and other self-publishing services, Skrawl is not one person's perspective, rather it has a community of writers who collaborate, compete and piece together stories. It's like American Idol for writers.

"Skrawl has the potential to touch anyone who reads or writes," offered best-selling author and strategy consultant, Geoffrey Moore, an advisory board member to BoomWriter Media, Inc. "This is very disruptive to the publishing business."

With Skrawl, as with BoomWriter's award winning story-writing platform, before the story can move forward, writers must review and assess the anonymous work of other writers and vote for the piece that best conveys the story line. This process continues until the story is complete. At the end, each writer who accomplished any part to the story becomes a recognized author.

"It is very addictive," continued Chris Twyman, CEO and Founder of BoomWriter Media. "Writers can compete for bits of stories and build their writing portfolio and a fan base that can see stories develop in real time."

Skrawl will be releasing new features over the next few months including a mobile reader, deeper social media integrations, and a new self-publishing tool.

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BoomWriter Media, Inc. is a leading provider of online collaborative writing solutions. Used by educators, students and writers of all skill levels, BoomWriter Media's social platform is designed for anyone who wants to write and build stories in a community. BoomWriter Media has delivered more than 2.5 million projects in the last 2 years and is used in over 20,000 classrooms, across more than 60 countries.

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