NEW YORK, Jan. 30, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Netmining, leading provider of programmatic data-driven targeting solutions, announces it has partnered with TVTY, a pioneer in the moment marketing space, to help marketers bridge TV and digital advertising in real time. The partners have announced they will debut the capability during the Super Bowl, working with the agency client, PMG, to execute TV synch for the first time for a brand client.

The technology analyzes various data sources for a comprehensive 1:1 understanding of a brand's audience, recognizing all TV spots and major real-time events to trigger campaigns across all formats and screens. This Sunday, the technology will focus on TV spots during the Super Bowl to trigger effectively timed and strategically targeted digital ads.

"As we continue to see the media landscape converge, we are always looking for ways to reengage our consumers. This partnership helps to close the gap between screens. We are excited to explore this second screening opportunity with hopes of higher engagement and campaign efficiency for our marketers," said Nick Drabicky, Head of Agency Strategy, PMG.

As the companies join forces, brands can reach their desired audience with a comprehensive and integrated ad experience at the right time, right place, and at the most cost effective price. Specific benefits include the following:

  • Teams are able to leverage digital as an efficient complement to TV investment:
    • Increase the reach of TV spots
    • Interact with 2nd screen users (mobile, tablet, laptop in front of TV)
    • Amplify TV campaigns in a creative way (call to action, digital storytelling, etc.)
  • The opportunity to conquest in real-time
  • Increased relevancy of campaigns by leveraging major events or themes

"These expanded capabilities represent our focus on constantly improving audience targeting options for media and account teams inside the agency—taking in consideration the full mix they handle," said Netmining President Chris Hansen. TVTY, Inc. CEO Elliot Reilhac said, "We are delighted to announce this partnership with Netmining around the Super Bowl. The alliance will allow all of their clients to benefit from our Moment Marketing Platform and deliver their digital campaigns with perfect timing."

About Netmining

Netmining is a leading provider of programmatic data-driven targeting solutions designed to help marketers understand and reach their audiences online. Our Audience Scoring Engine combines various data sources into real-time customer intelligence that yields high-performing and highly-relevant digital advertising, targeted to your customer. With the challenge of fragmented consumer media habits, Netmining's cross-device targeting and attribution allows marketers to find their high-value consumers wherever they are across all screens of engagement. For more information, please visit or follow us on Twitter @netmining.

Netmining is a member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) and the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA).

About TVTY

TVTY enables agencies to optimize the timing of their digital campaigns in context. With TVTY, advertisers synchronize their digital ads with TV spots and shows, sporting events and weather, to communicate at the right time. With TVTY's SaaS Moment Marketing Platform, users pick moments (such as TV spots) and sync their existing digital campaigns. TVTY is already integrated with leading DSPs and ad servers, and is compatible with all digital marketing channels: search, banners, video and social. 

TVTY has offices in London, New York and Paris and operates in 16 countries. Contact: | Website: | Follow us @_tvty

Lynda Liu