Oxnard Dentist Stresses Importance of Dental Care in 2015

Oxnard, California, UNITED STATES

OXNARD, Calif., Feb. 1, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- John M. Abajian, D.D.S. of Esthetic Smiles, stresses the importance of turning over a new leaf for better dental care in the New Year. According to Dr. Abajian, patients should see their dentists twice a year so that their teeth can be checked for problems such as plaque, a sticky, clear layer of bacteria that can cause major dental problems. The dentist stated that routine dental care can prevent many oral and overall health issues.

The Oxnard dentist stated, "With everyone making New Year's resolutions, few consider the crucial role that sound dental care plays in one's overall health and well-being. This is the perfect time to resolve to schedule regular professional dental checkups at least twice a year."

The dentist stresses that failure to schedule bi-yearly cleanings that remove oral bacteria can result in its hardening into a state where it becomes tartar which is impossible to remove with mere brushing and flossing. This can lead to painful oral diseases and even tooth loss.

Routine visits to the dentist also involve professional examination of the patient's tongue, throat, head, face and neck to detect any problems such as swelling or even cancer, said the dentist. During the examination, the patient's gums are also examined using a special tool that measures the spaces between the gum line and the teeth. Dr. Abajian stated that healthy gums result in shallow spaces and deeper spaces and pockets form with the onset of gum disease.

While regular flossing and brushing does help remove plaque from the teeth, Dr. Abajian emphasizes that tartar is much more difficult to remove and should be cleaned from the teeth by a professional specially trained in teeth cleaning. The process of removing tartar from the teeth is referred to as scaling. Once the scaling has been completed, the teeth may be polished using a gritty type of special paste. This procedure helps eliminate surface stains that remain on the teeth, and is followed by flossing to assure that all the areas between each tooth are properly cleaned, according to the dentist.

Esthetic Smiles recommends patients brush their teeth at least twice daily using a toothpaste containing fluoride for better cavity prevention. The practice also advocates flossing at least once daily to keep gums healthy by preventing any food particles from remaining lodged between the teeth, followed by an mouth rinse specially designed to eliminate plaque bacteria. This serves the dual purpose of helping keep the breath fresh, according to the dental office.

Dr. Abajian is joined by Dr. Sam Sherif, Dr. Samar Hubbi and Dr. Vahid Tabibzadeh to form the Esthetic Smiles team, offering a variety of cosmetic and preventative dental services, Mondays through Fridays. More information about the dentists and the services they offer is available online at http://myestheticsmile.com/.


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