PRINCETON, NJ--(Marketwired - Feb 4, 2015) - Princeton Power Systems, a leading global designer and manufacturer of technology products and embedded software for energy management, micro-grid operations, and electric vehicle charging, commissioned seventeen GTIB-30's in CODA Energy's 1MWh energy storage system. CODA Energy is a leader in California's commercial behind-the-meter energy storage market, while Princeton Power Systems' GTIB-30 is the leading bi-directional inverter for advanced batteries in on-grid and off-grid applications.

CODA Energy's 1,054kWh / 510kW energy storage system is the largest behind the meter lithium-ion energy storage system in the Los Angeles basin and consists of new lithium-iron phosphate electric vehicle (EV) battery cell packs, demonstrating the possibility of second life EV battery applications. CODA's large-scale system is comprised of two networked and aggregated multi-tower systems that can operate in concert or deliver independent, specialized services. As part of the company's building load management, the system provides peak shaving for CODA's manufacturing facility in addition to powering EV charging stations for CODA's electric vehicle fleet for employees and local visitors to nearby businesses.

"The applications for the GTIB products are vast, and we are thrilled to see the creative way CODA Energy has deployed them in this project and throughout California and the US," said Darren Hammell, Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder, Princeton Power Systems. "The California market for distributed energy management solutions continues to expand rapidly, and partners like CODA position us to play an even larger role."

"CODA Energy is installing networked behind-the-meter energy storage system configurations at scale today for our commercial and industrial customers. This project showcases an array of 34 CODA Energy battery packs and 17 Princeton Power Systems GTIB-30 inverters that operate in concert to provide up to 510 kW of peak shaving for our engineering team, manufacturing line and product integration areas," said Peter Nortman, COO and CTO at CODA Energy. "Along with this 510kW system, CODA Energy has successfully installed at least another 1.5 MW of distributed and networked systems behind-the-meter using Princeton Power System technology," added Nortman.

The Princeton Power Systems GTIB-30 is a 30kW grid-tied inverter that offers high efficiency, proven reliability, and unprecedented flexibility. This highly-configurable GTIB can condition power from alternative energy sources, as well as Energy Storage, various AC loads, and AC Microgrids. Ideal for back-up power at industrial and commercial facilities, the GTIB-30 is UL listed with thousands of operating hours in commercial applications.

About CODA Energy
Headquartered in Monrovia, CA, CODA Energy designs and builds scalable, UL listed commercial and industrial energy storage solutions to support a smarter, cleaner, and more reliable grid. The presently available CODA Core™ product combines advanced lithium-ion cells with proven battery and temperature management systems and an integrated operating system designed to meet growing energy needs -- peak shaving, EV charging, renewable energy integration, islanding, frequency trading. CODA Energy's products reduce electricity costs, control energy consumption and manage energy risk, optimizing commercial and industrial energy operations for scalability, extensibility, safety, reliability and security; ultimately contributing to a more economically and energy resilient world.

About Princeton Power Systems
Princeton Power Systems, based in New Jersey and founded in 2001, designs and manufactures state-of-the-art technology solutions for energy management, microgrid operations and electric vehicle charging. The company is a global leader working with customers and partners across North America, Europe, Africa and the Caribbean. It manufactures UL and CE-certified power electronics that are used in advanced battery operations and alternative energy, with built-in smart functions for ancillary services. The company solves power issues to allow continued growth of distributed renewable energy by providing energy storage solutions that are proven to work, even in harsh environments. Princeton Power Systems builds integrated systems and designs, commissions and operates microgrids for leading organizations, including Fortune 500 automakers and industrials, and non-profit organizations. The company proudly manufactures its products in the USA. More information about Princeton Power Systems is available at

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