SOLANA BEACH, CA--(Marketwired - February 09, 2015) - StackIQ Inc., makers of the warehouse-grade automation platform for any large-scale server infrastructure, today announced the availability of a new, concise white paper entitled Warehouse-grade at the Speed of Web-scale IT, a real-world view into the new era of building and running server infrastructure to support distributed systems and high performance private clouds. In it, the paper expands upon many of the themes and groundbreaking perspectives found in the popular paper authored by Google called Datacenter as a Computer.

There are, however, two very significant differences. First, StackIQ's white paper focuses exclusively on the complexities of provisioning and configuration tasks as datacenters increasingly require "warehouse-grade everything." Second, whereas the Google paper was penned at a time when Big Data and hyperscale were largely the purview of the largest Web companies on the planet, warehouse-grade reflects today's reality of the same Web-scale IT needs and ambitions having widely penetrated both enterprise and service provider segments.

"Web-scale IT," a term coined by Gartner, describes how enterprises can attain efficiencies that rival the cloud by emulating how they design and operate their technology architectures. "(Web-scale IT) requires a re-examination of IT conventional wisdom in several areas, including how to build out (and populate) data centers, how to design and develop applications so that they are scalable and delivered quickly to the market, as well as being resilient in the case of failure, and how to develop operational processes that are complementary to a more agile environment," states Cameron Haight, Research Vice President, Gartner.

The emphasis on warehouse-grade era of automation naturally draws parallels to the factory automation of the early 21st century as well as the birth of shipping pallets. According to a article entitled The Single Most Important Object In The Global Economy, roughly 80 percent of all U.S. commerce is carried on pallets.

Consider that before shipping pallets, it took three days to unload a boxcar containing 13,000 cases of canned goods. The same task took only four hours with pallets. This is exactly what StackIQ's own Pallets do for today's modern datacenter and infrastructure designed for Big Data, Cloud, Compute, and Media Warehouses.

For details on StackIQ's latest product release, see today's announcement of StackIQ Boss 5.

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