DURHAM, NC--(Marketwired - Feb 9, 2015) - Mi-Corporation, the Mobile Information Corporation, today announced that Doyle Security Systems, Inc. has realized dramatic improvements in expense control and productivity gains following its first nine months using its new digital sales order entry system powered by Mi-Forms mobile forms software.

Early in 2014, the company, which provides commercial, residential, and medical alarm systems to more than 23,000 customers in upstate New York and Erie, P.A., replaced its entirely paper-based order documentation system with Mi-Co's Mi-Forms mobile forms software, which now provides mobile forms for customer and system information collection, and order specification details related to parts, labor, contractors, etc.

Accurate and efficient data capture is critical to Doyle Security Systems' sales order and customer service, including pricing, pricing approval, contract preparation, order installation, and account activation for monitoring. The new system seamlessly integrates all sales-related data, including electronic signature captures, into document imaging and core back-end systems, and provides automatic generation of contracts, system inspection and test documentation.

Headquartered in Rochester, N.Y., with four additional branch offices, the company's 100 employees design, install, service, and monitor security and life safety systems that require immediate access to customer and system data to ensure proper working order 24/7. The former paper-based sales order system required manual re-keying of critical customer data collected for new orders, and created opportunities for lost order/contract forms and inaccuracies in information, which delayed sales and service activation, drove up operational expenses, resulted in lost productivity, and reduced revenue.

"As a customer-centric organization, the satisfaction across the entire customer experience -- from the first interaction through installation and monitoring -- is paramount to our success," said Kevin J. Stone, Chief Operating Officer, Doyle Security Systems, Inc. "After doing away with the cumbersome and inefficient paper-based sales processes, we have virtually eliminated impediments to superior customer service. No longer do we struggle to track misplaced paperwork, or inaccurate critical customer information. The sales order processing provided through the mobile forms platform and software offered by Mi-Co has empowered us to dramatically reduce process cycle time, improve communication between departments, and provide top-notch customer service grounded by accuracy and efficiency."

Metrics of Success
Rolling out their new Apple iOS-based Mi-Forms system to their 33 technicians on iPads versus laptops, while also providing their 67 sales staff and other users access from a browser, allowed both groups to use the system in the best, most efficient way possible according to their roles.

In the nine months since first deployed, 95 percent of the company's technicians have adopted the tablet-based system, and overall the company has experienced cost reductions and installation profitability improvements of eleven percent, while shortening sales cycles and improving revenue. Additionally, many Doyle Security Systems customers have commented about the added professionalism of its sales force.

Residential sales account for 30 percent of the company's revenue, and unlike commercial sales that have a longer sales cycle, the ability to provide quotes to residential sales prospects in a matter of minutes for the inside sales team, versus hours or even days, has positively affected the company's bottom line. By capturing data electronically at the source, the company has dramatically improved data accuracy, which has reduced the order approval and processing time from days or weeks to just hours.

With the previous paper-based system, on average 60-75 percent of the company's billing occurred at the end of each month. Now as of the third week of each month, an average of 63 percent of the month's billings are booked, with the added benefit of more collaboration and less finger pointing about sales delays between the sales and operations teams. The new system has also resulted in 11% higher margins by forcing the sales team to focus on the accuracy of parts needed for each new install, and the establishment of a more formal approval process for large deals (those over $10K) that has streamlined the sales cycle.

Based on the implementation of the new system, Doyle Security System has realized a number of key benefits, including:

  • Improved billing efficiencies & closing of new business
  • Real-time reporting
  • Significant cost savings
  • Expense reductions
  • Improved customer loyalty and perceptions of Doyle Security Systems as a technology company

According to Mi-Corporation's VP of Sales & Marketing, Gautham Pandiyan, "We continue to work closely with Doyle Security on their mobile data capture solution, and to help its sales representatives capture critical information close to the source using iPads to record orders. Our project has resulted in a solution that seamlessly integrates the field with critical back-end systems -- finance and accounting, service, and parts. From feedback received so far, from both customers and sales personnel -- who serve as the front- line representatives -- the company is seen as a cutting-edge technology company that provides safety and security of the utmost level."

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About Doyle Security Systems, Inc.:
Founded in 1919 and based in Rochester, NY, Doyle Security Systems, Inc., is a family-owned business that designs, installs, services, and monitors commercial, residential, and medical alarm systems. With branch offices in Albany, Syracuse, and Buffalo, NY, and Erie, PA, the company has 100 employees servicing over 23,000 customers. For more information, visit https://www.godoyle.com

About Mi-Co:
Mi-Co, a 15-year industry leader in mobilizing mission-critical business processes, offers enterprise-class solutions that quicken business cycles, drive productivity, and increase revenue. Mi-Co's mobile solutions support the use of Windows 8 Tablets, the Digital Pen, iPads, Android Slates, Smartphones and other mobile devices across diverse industries. Organizations including the NC Department of Agriculture, the United Nations, The US Dept. of Transportation, and many others use Mi-Corporation mobile forms, mobile applications, and reporting products. For more information on Mi-Co, please visit www.mi-corporation.com.

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