AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwired - February 11, 2015) - EPIC Corporation Inc. (OTC PINK: EPOR) and Ronald Tucker its CEO announced "EPIC has established RX Healthcare Systems, Ltd., a majority owned subsidiary, as its sales and distribution company with the initiation of sales in its various AcuFAB® product lines through independent sales organizations."

EPIC is a project-oriented company and since January 2011, RX Healthcare and AcuFAB® products are its project. Introducing a new and different product, it takes time to gain acceptance and build a foundation for growth.

EPIC is building its distribution network for AcuFAB® products into established consumer market segments. EPIC is fortunate that there is no other textile like AcuFAB® and its products (See "About AcuFAB" below).

Since January 1, 2015, management has accomplished the following:

  1. Identified and reached an agreement with an experienced bedding industry and sales executive to be the leader of RX Healthcare Systems, Ltd. He is spending limited time at the present to fulfill his current consulting agreement, but will start providing substantial time for RX Healthcare in six months.
  2. Established and is expanding its consumer product lines to include a saddle blanket, an alternative model of its insoles, and the development of a shoe line using its insoles.
  3. Targeted nurses, other medical professionals, and restaurant workers for EPIC's insoles. After providing more than 100 samples the result is our insoles really work and the users experience less foot fatigue than they ever experienced with the use of any competitor insoles. The price point of $9.99 for the insoles is a bargain for the benefits they provide.
  4. Entered into an agreement with an independent party which will sell the Company's products to consumers.
  5. Met with an independent international distribution company which is presenting the Company' s pressure overlay support surface to its existing customer. A European retail store with 1,000 stores in Europe. If the independent company is able to sell to its customer it would buy a container of our overlay support surfaces which would provide revenues of $200,000 to $600,000 depending on the size of the container.
  6. After two yearn of contacting an international bedding product company, the new product manager is going to integrate AcuFAB® into their product line. The company new product manager has been using the Company's pressure overlay support surface for two years.
  7. A local bedding distributor has committed to distribute the Company's pressure overlay support surface.
  8. Negotiations are in progress with a company that sells pillows to healthcare and medical professionals for resale to determine if the company will sell our our pressure overlay support surfaces to its customers. They want to expand their product line.

About AcuFAB

AcuFAB® is EPIC's design patented specialty acupressure spacer fabric.

A spacer fabric's design and architecture are different from a typical fabric. AcuFAB® is a three dimensional textile whose ridged spacer fibers produce two important qualities that other textiles do not provide -- a micro-climate and the other is a pressure resistance or mechanical quality.

These qualities provide air permeability and thermoregulation that prevents sweating and overheating of the skin.

Spacer Fabrics can be used as compression bandages, supports for the prevention of pressure sores in beds and operating rooms, for decreasing pressure peeks in bed coverings, for shoes, operating tables, wheel chairs and prevention of chronic wounds.

The AcuFAB® acupressure spacer fabric is a unique spacer fabric because of of proprietary design and architecture. Its architecture consists of 100% polyester yarn knitted into its design of alternating ridges and channels. The ridges provide limited pressure points against the bodies surface tissues and acupressure points, direct the transport of fluids from the bodies surface tissues, and provides for air permeability and thermoregulation which prevents sweating and overheating of the skin, including the transport of blood circulation.

About EPIC

EPIC CORPORATION is a project-oriented, special purpose financial services company. EPIC provides corporate, business, and financial services to subsidiaries, affiliates, and independent companies. Our focus is on healthcare and consumer product companies. EPIC strives to provide capital growth for it and its shareholders through the acquisition, development, and commercialization of technology and intellectual property. We realize, however that we cannot prosper in isolation. We and our strategic partners use various technologies and intellectual property to develop economical products. We are committed to grow our business through research and development, production, marketing, and sales of healthcare products and services and other consumer products.

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