GREENSBORO, NC--(Marketwired - Feb 11, 2015) - This week, Ron Culler, co-founder and CTO at managed network security services company Secure Designs, Inc., joins TechAmerica to advocate for IT sector priorities on Capitol Hill during the organization's annual fly-in to Washington, D.C. TechAmerica, the public sector and public advocacy department of CompTIA, works to provide a voice for tech companies on Capitol Hill.

Culler will be meeting with members of the North Carolina Congressional delegation. With cyber attacks increasing in severity and frequency, Culler will be lobbying for federal legislation that will provide a national standard of reporting requirements for businesses that have been subject to a data breach. 

Culler said, "Imagine that you are a small business owner with a lot of out of state business, and someone hacks into your systems. Because there is no consistency from state to state on what notifications you have to provide, you might have to take out advertising, appear on television, or send thousands of letters to your customers. You'll definitely have to hire attorneys to find out what each state requires. The cost could be ruinous to a small business."

TechAmerica participants will also be lobbying for policies and legislative reform to develop skills and support technology and business evolution for the 21st century. Another key goal is to promote the availability and delivery of broadband communications, says Culler. 

"We believe there should be no restrictions on the availability and delivery of broadband communications. Access to broadband triggers commercial growth and financial opportunities for local communities, organizations and businesses."

Secure Designs is leader of a consortium proposing the new 'GigG' project, which has earned a position in the finals of Greensboro's SC2 Economic Development Challenge. The vision of the project is to bring economic transformation to Greensboro through wider access to high-speed communications.

"Tech sector innovation is a key force behind a strong economy and Congress therefore needs to prioritize issues that affect technology companies," said Culler. "During the fly-in, we hope to provide insights, facts and encouragement that will influence positive change."

"As the tech sector grapples with the implementation of 2015 Congressional priorities, TechAmerica will continue to facilitate open discourse between legislators and technology companies of all sizes," said Todd Thibodeaux, president and CEO of CompTIA.

The Fly-In runs February 10-11, 2015.

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