NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - February 11, 2015) - LiveDeal, Inc. (NASDAQ: LIVE) is emerging as a fast growing online and mobile marketing company, and late last week the company announced that it expects to release its latest financials tomorrow.  So, with this in mind, let's look ahead to what tomorrow may bring.

We expect that the release of LiveDeal's first quarter 2015 results should show investors why the company appears to be displacing deep-discount competitors like Groupon for restaurant loyalty.  Early-trend investors clearly like what LiveDeal did in 2014.  What we're looking for tomorrow is an update on trends that could make LiveDeal a breakout stock in 2015:

  • Evidence that the coming year's revenues are on track to uphold 2014's stellar 209% growth rate.
  • An update on the number of restaurants to confirm recent reports that the pace of signups is accelerating and reaching critical volume.
  • Confirmation that LiveDeal's strong cash position and low debt remain intact to pay for further growth.
  • New capabilities such as delivering real-time content to search engines.
  • Further information on the company's nationwide advertising campaign and new products.

LiveDeal's initial focus on restaurants last year allowed the company to astutely target an easily reachable group of customers.  Then the company offered them a superior coupon generator for online and mobile marketing.

This remains LiveDeal's premier opportunity. The restaurant industry is now a $703 billion business with approximately 1 million locations -- all in need of a way to reach customers. LiveDeal's team believes it has the best answer to the problem.

"Daily deals is a flawed business model, both from the point of view of restaurant owners and from customers," says LiveDeal CEO Jon Isaac. "This is why we have been gaining ground in the restaurant deal space."

To launch a deal with Groupon, restaurants must offer extreme discounts to entire groups of customers.  It appears that many restaurants are becoming less and less interested in repeating the Groupon experience, or that of the other deep-discounters in the industry.

"Our team worked through a long, thoughtful, lead-time creating a platform that excites diners and truly helps restaurants. When we launched LiveDeal, we knew we had something restaurants really needed," says Isaac. "LiveDeal allows restaurant owners to set a discount at any level they find comfortable, launch it immediately, and honor every customer that arrives -- with or without a group of strangers tagging along."

Often, Groupon deals do not become valid unless enough customers sign up.

Running deals with Groupon, Amazon Local and others requires weeks of pre-planning. LiveDeal allows restaurants to push deals in real-time, and instantly through the company's DealCentral self-serve dashboard.

"For restaurants, we built one of the easiest and most flexible platforms in the business. Restaurants are in complete control of their deals with our platform.  For diners, LiveDeal is bringing them the most timely and interesting choices of any coupon company -- all the way from a special dinner for Mother's Day, weeks ahead of time to an exciting discount on fresh lobster tonight."

Tomorrow's 1Q report should also update us on how many restaurants have signed on with LiveDeal so far.  We expect this to be very encouraging because the company's recent news has indicated that the rate of signups has been accelerating monthly.   

The revenue picture should also become clearer.  Last year, LiveDeal's revenues jumped 209%.  While that's a hard number to beat, recent additions to LiveDeal bring the strong possibility the company can do as well or better in 2015.

That's because, now that LiveDeal has established contact with thousands of deal customers, it is finding ways to reach them more often.  In January, LiveDeal integrated into the system to offer discounts on consumer products.

In short, what we're looking for in the company's latest financials is nothing less than evidence that 2015 can be LiveDeal's breakout year with investors.  

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