CARLSBAD, CA--(Marketwired - Feb 12, 2015) - V Group, Inc. (OTC PINK: VGID), along with its incubation partner Fernhill Beverage, is pleased to announce the completion of the first full-scale production of the Company's new and exciting brand for kids, Roadkill.

On Monday, February 9th, the management team of both V Group and Fernhill signed off on a total production consisting of 8,648 cases of product. The final breakdown consisted of 2,560 cases of Purple Possum Parts (Grape), 3,020 cases of Green Gopher Guts (Green Apple) and 3,068 cases of Blue Raccoon Bits (Blue Raspberry). There were approximately 1,400 cases deemed unsaleable due to complications with the startup procedure. The 8,648 cases represent a revenue value of approximately $100,000.00.

The production procedure was witnessed by an independent auditing firm for the purpose of certifying the production costs and finished value of the product. The process was verified and approved by the firm. The company will be receiving the audit conclusion as soon as the firm compiles and formats all the data.

The Company is currently coordinating with distribution partners for the delivery and launch of the product in the San Diego County, Riverside County and Los Angeles County markets. These markets represent more than half of the total California beverage market. The delivery is expected to take place in the next 5 days.

Fernhill Beverage is already coordinating the next production which will consist of 2 new flavors including Red Fox in a Box (Fruit Punch) and Yellow Goose Juice (Lemon Lime) as well as an increase in total number of cases produced.

To aid in the short term and long term growth of Fernhill Beverage as a stand-alone entity, V Group is assisting Fernhill in the formation of an Advisory Board. This Advisory Board will provide guidance and assistance in all aspects of the beverage industry. The Company intends to enlist the aid of 5 beverage veterans. The Company is currently negotiating with current and past beverage professionals who have vast experience in launching, growing and selling major brands. These veterans have been responsible for the sale of brands ranging from tens of millions of dollars to multi billions of dollars. The Company is also negotiating to enlist the services of 2 of the largest beverage distributors in the Country; 1 on the West Coast and 1 on the East Coast.

"We would like to thank all the vendors, partners and shareholders for the support and confidence in the brands and the Companies. 2015 looks to be a very good year for all involved," states Larry Twombly, V Group, Inc. CEO and President.

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