SAN MATEO, CA--(Marketwired - Feb 12, 2015) - AtHoc, Inc., the leader in networked crisis communication, today announced that the U.S. Army Reserve base at Fort Devens has adopted the AtHoc networked crisis communication suite to improve its communication abilities with the large number of armed forces personnel it serves each year.

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As the joint force training facility of choice for the New England area, Fort Devens supports more than 130,000 personnel annually. It provides training, educational and logistic resources to not only stationed units, but also transient training and tenant customers as well. It also provides defense support as ordered to civil authorities.

Since Fort Devens is a training facility, a significant portion of tenants at a given time belong to discrete military units and other government entities. As such, being able to quickly reach all essential personnel in an emergency is a significant challenge. To overcome this shortcoming in communication ability, Fort Devens adopted the AtHoc suite.

The Benefits of AtHoc's Solution

The AtHoc suite provides the base with rapid multichannel alerting abilities for personnel throughout the base. This is important due to the nature of military service, staff may be at a computer, in the field or in a number of other situations, and contacting them quickly can be a challenge. Alerts can by simply configured and sent out simultaneously via desktop popup, IP telephone and mobile phone, or AtHoc's mobile application maximizing the reach of each message.

Another important advantage the suite delivers is in supporting personnel accountability requirements for the Department of Defense. The two-way nature of the solution gives personnel the ability to respond to alerts with their status and location, and they can also send media including photos and video to give base management clear information regarding situations in the field. The comprehensive nature of the AtHoc solution benefits the overall emergency preparedness abilities of Fort Devens.

"AtHoc is proud to play an important part in the operations of our Armed Forces, especially when it comes to emergency preparedness," said John Schnibben, Vice President of Defense and Intelligence. "Some of the most rigorous testing of our solutions happens within the defense community, helping us to make the most capable end-to-end crisis communications system available."

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