BRIDGETOWN, BARBADOS--(Marketwired - Feb 13, 2015) - As Columbus, operators of Flow and Columbus Business Solutions, launches "Video On Demand" television services in Barbados, Caribbean content providers are poised to benefit as the company puts a major focus on ensuring that regional content is a significant component of its lineup for the Caribbean audience.

The launch of the Flow OnDemand service in Barbados marks yet another significant milestone for customers who can now enjoy the convenience of accessing an even wider variety of local, regional and international video content. The service is presently available to Flow customers in Trinidad & Tobago and Jamaica. An added benefit for the Caribbean is the commitment by Columbus to enable and provide revenue opportunities for local content providers. In order to stimulate the industry, producers whose content is approved and aired on the OnDemand platform will have earning potential from this venture.

John Reid, president and chief operating officer of Columbus Communications, noted that with the launch of VOD, customers will not only experience the incredible added value to Flow's video line-up at their convenience, but added that Columbus was also proud of the economic and developmental opportunities for the regional content producers. "Our VOD platform now provides a place that our customers can watch what they want, when they want, including relevant local and regional content, popular international television series, movies, documentaries, music videos and much more. This is a good example of the Caribbean Single Market and Economy in functional working mode," he said. "It is bringing relevant regional players into one productive space, generating income and stimulating a regional industry." Reid noted that the VOD service is one of Flow's fastest growing video platforms with some 10,000,000 orders received within a 12-month period across the region. With Caribbean VOD programming, Flow commits to providing a strong portfolio with both local and regional content made available to all of its video customers; distribution of both local and regional content across Flow's regional footprint; and to have new distribution and monetization opportunities for regional content providers.

Columbus is the single largest provider of multiple media distribution and solutions in up to eight regional markets, with more than 400,000 video customers. This means multiple distribution solutions and platforms as viable options for economic benefits to regional film makers and producers. "With this new opportunity to reach many markets, they now have an opportunity to grow and sustain an entertainment industry across the region," Reid added.

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