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Learning to endure the ups and downs of a struggling economy is a skill that most businesses have been forced to acquire over the past few years. Not only has Superior Management Solutions mastered the art of navigating and adapting through these economic hard times, but this company has continued to flourish and expand in new and existing regions that seem to be endlessly downsizing. Superior Management Solutions started in Kansas City, and as one of the fastest growing promotional agencies in the area, Superior Management Solutions expanded to Minneapolis, Minnesota. Superior Management Solutions and their associates are known as leaders in the direct marketing field -- with specialties in areas such as customer service, product branding, sales and the acquisition of new clientele.

Developing new locations in multiple regions around the country has allowed Superior Management Solutions Inc. to open up new positions nationwide, ranging from entry level marketing and sales to experienced account managers and directors. At a time when the National Unemployment Rate is still seemingly high at 6.2%, Superior takes pride in their ability to employ so many new, up and coming contributors to their business. The company attributes its unprecedented growth to their principal objective: to develop stronger relationships between clients and potential consumers by utilizing a more personalized and informative approach to marketing.

Company President Sean Gustavson commented on Superior Management Solutions Inc continued success, stating, "In 2014 we expanded our marketing and sales campaigns nationwide. While increasing our client base to include multiple providers in the Television, Security, Application Technology and Retail Industries, we made it a priority to maintain and furthermore, strengthen existing client relations." He goes on, "One of the reasons for our sustained growth is that we work with clients whose products have thrived regardless of the state of the economy. When talking about Television, Phone, and Internet, our clients' products come at a premium to the general public in terms of demand. Our way of introducing products and promotions to consumers is unique. We work with major retailers to provide a holistic presentation which our clients cannot get anywhere else."

Superior Management Solutions proves to be setting and exceeding new goals in terms of growth and evolution. It looks as though the sky is the limit for this firm and those looking to join this burgeoning organization. With several markets set to launch in the first quarter of this year, we are excited to see the status and condition of Superior Management Solutions innovation and growth into the New Year.

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