MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwired - Feb. 16, 2015) - Leading Boards, a Canadian company offering a highly secure and user-friendly portal enabling paperless management by boards of directors and committees, announces that Sportscene Group Inc., which has been operating Quebec's largest sports-themed restaurant-bar chain since 1984, La Cage aux Sports, has adopted the company's paperless solution to manage the meetings and documents of its board of directors and committees.

The Leading Boards board portal is a proven solution that provides a secure online workspace for storing information needed for meetings - agendas, minutes, archives, organizational policies, financial statements, etc. Directors can access this information in just a few clicks using a computer or iPad, without even connecting to the Internet. Since board of director documents stored on the portal are encrypted, the transmission of these documents is also very secure. Furthermore, the documents are hosted on ISO 27001-certified servers that are located in the client's country of residence, and therefore not subject to foreign laws.

"With the Leading Boards solution, our Board of Directors and committees have been able to practically eliminate the distribution of paper copies. It allows our directors to access up-to-date data and documents at any time, without excessive emailing. The Leading Boards solution is an easy-to-use application that has helped all of us become more efficient," said Jean Bédard, President and Chief Executive Officer of Sportscene Group Inc.

"Our digital solution corresponds with Sportscene Group Inc.'s governance philosophy on all levels. As we grow in a dynamic market, the company is always on the lookout for latest generation tools to enhance its organizational effectiveness," said Jean-Marc Félio, President of Leading Boards. "This reflects our motto, which is to offer our clients a solution customized to their needs, to ensure sound corporate governance in a secure environment."

About Leading Boards

Since 2008, Leading Boards has been providing an innovative response to the new challenges of paperless board governance. Its simple, secure, user-friendly, cross-platform solution has been chosen and approved by many organizations seeking to offer their board members effective tools that give them access to documents and archives using powerful search engines, and allow them to make handwritten or dictated notes. Thus, Leading Boards' solution helps board members perform their duties in exercising due diligence and making informed decisions. Leading Boards helps boards make the transition to digital technology and has set the standard in paperless governance solutions.

Leading Boards recently published a white paper on the digitization of boards. It can be downloaded from the company's website (

About Sportscene Group Inc.

Since 1984, Sportscene Group Inc. has been operating the largest sports-themed restaurant-bar chain in Quebec: La Cage aux Sports. This label combines 51 "Cages," 40 of which are wholly owned by the company or operated as joint ventures, and the remaining 11 are franchises. With a strong brand image, La Cage aux Sports stands out for its "sport, gang, fun" culture that's conveyed through an original decor, a festive atmosphere, the use of state-of-the-art telecommunications technology and the holding of national and international sporting events. To learn more, visit

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