VENICE, ITALY--(Marketwired - Feb 17, 2015) - Buying clothes online is convenient, fun and saves time and money -- except when you guess wrong about the size and have to deal with returns and re-ordering. Now all that will change with the introduction of ON, the first wearable, digital, measuring tape. Coming from Italy, the home of couture clothiers and highly trained tailors, the startup XYZE (pronounced 'size') introduces On, which makes buying clothes a breeze because its solution makes sure the size you order will be correct every time. On is available for order through its IndieGoGo campaign.

The unique circular On measuring tape allows you to take your own measurements as precisely as a trained tailor. You pull the tape out, put it around your head, neck, chest, waist and hips and the exact measurements are sent via Bluetooth to the On smartphone app. Your XYZE data (called XYZE ID) is automatically stored as a personal digital profile. A seven-step tutorial ensures measurements are taken perfectly every time.

XYZE acts as a "size search engine" for online clothes shopping. The XYZE app translates your measurements into a brand's particular size specifications, so as you type in a brand name, the app displays what your size will be for each brand. If you order a shirt from one brand, for example, you will know your size -- no guesswork.

"A frustrating and expensive problem with online clothes shopping is ordering the wrong size and having to return the product and re-ordering," explains the CEO Andrea Mazzon and the COO Paolo Spiga, founders at XYZE. "In Italy we understand beautiful clothes, style, design and fit. With On and the XYZE app, we aim to drastically improve the online shopping experience. We have combined technology and fashion so everyone can be confident about the size they order every time they make a purchase."

How On Gets It Right Every Time

The XZYE development team works with brands and e-commerce sites so the XYZE widget will use the measurements stored in the profile to seamlessly select the correct size for every item, starting with the world-famous Italian brand. Other e-commerce sites with Magento integration can accept the widget. Other online clothes sites provide measurement and size charts which the app automatically converts your measurements into a brand's sizes, matching dimensions with the sizing charts.

The On fashion technology solution features:

  • Bluetooth connected wearable circular measuring tape which sends data to the XYZE app
  • A 63" (160 cm) circular measuring tape with a removable 3V battery (48-month battery life)
  • iOS and Android mobile app to collect body measurements from waist, hips, chest, etc., and create the XYZE ID, your personal digital profile, to instantly get you the perfect size
  • Tutorial app to help you get tailor-perfect measurements
  • The "What's My Size" algorithm will be integrated in your favorite brand's e-commerce portal

The On smart tape measure and app is available for pre-order on the XYZE IndieGoGo campaign through March 7 with a goal of 60,000 euros ($67,710 USD). To donate, visit

About XYZE

XYZE is an Italian startup that connects your body measurements with the clothes you'd like to buy. The company is developing its fashion tech solutions with the best mono-brand and multi-brand fashion e-commerce platforms. XYZE has already been awarded "Best B2B Fashion Idea of 2013" at Decoded Fashion, "Best Killer Application of 2014" at Round Table 4 Italy, "Best App Consumer" at SMAU, "Best Italian Creative Business" 2014 at Creative Business Cup. For more information, visit

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