PORTLAND, OR--(Marketwired - Feb 17, 2015) - Nyxio Technologies Corporation (OTC PINK: NYXO) ("Nyxio" or the "Company"), developer and manufacturer of cutting edge Smart TVs, consumer electronics, innovative consumer electronic software and mobile apps, is proud to announce that it has concluded its initial examination and white paper for a new software offering. The company has been exploring new patent opportunities, as well as looking at ways to bring a revolutionary new software product to market. Nyxio has relayed that the software would enable its televisions, and their devices, to sync together through its new ecosystem. This would allow for unification of their hardware products, offering dynamic consumer to product interaction, and the ultimate user experience. Those who know Nyxio have heard the term "disruptive evolution." "We have devoted an immense amount of time toward our design process, quite literally years, in trying to create a seamless user experience," states Nyxio's Director of Marketing, Lorien Sekora. "Having taken note from industry leaders, we have created our own plan, and now you are seeing the results of extraordinary effort. Whenever a company creates a product that changes a category, a market, or an industry, it tends to be called disruptive technology, which can have a negative connotation. There is nothing negative, however, in a premise that allows our competitors, our partners, and anyone else in our sphere, to build upon something we believe is the future. So it may be disruptive, but it is also an innovative platform. We want to produce and/or develop products that all consumers want, because every one of us at Nyxio are consumers. "Disruptive evolution" is the foundation for what we envision as the future. We intend to be a catalyst for just such a future."

The term disruptive evolution has been used loosely in the company's past, and Nyxio continues with its strategic cloaked approach. Ultimately, this is going to diminish the footprint for the already unique designs by the often called "King of Convergence." Nyxio's CEO, Giorgio Johnson, states, "We have dedicated many years and enormous amounts of research preparing for a revolutionary new software product, and now conclude that we have the right design that will dramatically change the functionality of our product line. It is a very exciting time at Nyxio."

This is the first time the company has elaborated on its software aspirations, and follows closely on the heels of the recent buzz around Nyxio's huge strides toward the top of the mobile app industry. The company filed for patents last year for a brand new user interface and is determined to change the way consumers interact with their products. New patents for Nyxio are expected to be filed in the company's next two quarters. "This product was developed to allow the consumer to have a true all in one experience," says Johnson. "We will continue to keep our shareholders up to speed on the latest developments, and intend to begin both the software patent process, and development of the second phase of our software innovation, immediately. Welcome to the Nyxio Revolution."

About Nyxio Technologies (OTC PINK: NYXO):
Founded in 2007, Nyxio® Technologies Corporation (OTC PINK: NYXO) designs and markets a line of innovative consumer electronics devices to deliver high-quality, cutting-edge products to consumers and businesses. The company is known for its innovative products that offer distinctive features such as touch screen controls, built-in Bluetooth capabilities, wireless and video features all bundled into practical and inventive packages. The company introduced VuzionT, the first AndroidT OS television and the VioSphere, an integrated flat screen Smart TV and full PC. Other products currently available include the OMEGA Tablet PC line the Classic, Premier and Ultimate, as well as the Realm, an all-in-one PC/TV, the Realm Pro, digital signage and B2B solution and the Venture Mobile Media Viewers (MMV), a new class of video eyewear. By consolidating key hardware into more efficient devices, Nyxio not only reduces the overall environmental footprint of end users, but also keeps products reasonably priced. For more information visit: www.nyxio.com.

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