SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwired - Feb 17, 2015) - ZIIBRA, the ecommerce and engagement platform for artists, makers and their fans, today announced the launch of ZIIBRA Stores, a new digital marketplace where people can buy and sell unique goods and experiences through a direct purchase.

From Studio-to-Home

ZIIBRA was founded in 2012 by Omri Mor and Justin Myers, who both share a passion for indie music. The early version of ZIIBRA focused exclusively on helping musicians monetize their passions by connecting them with fans through kickstarter-style campaigns. After graduating from Silicon Valley accelerator, Boost VC, ZIIBRA pivoted and expanded, becoming a unique platform for artists and makers -- including musicians, painters, designers, printmakers, collage artists, herbalists, ceramic artists and more -- to sell their goods and experiences directly to their fans through subscription packages. Today, art and maker enthusiasts can also use ZIIBRA as a discovery platform to find and connect with their new favorite creators.

"My vision for ZIIBRA is to be the equivalent of farm-to-table, or what I call studio-to-home," said Omri Mor, Co-Founder and CEO of ZIIBRA. "I want to give artists and makers the ability to make money on their craft and I want to give people a place to find unique goods and experiences to fill their lives and homes with. ZIIBRA Stores is the next logical step in helping folks do this."

The Benefits of ZIIBRA Stores

With the launch of ZIIBRA Stores, artists and makers can offer their fans a wider selection of goods and experiences -- from digital downloads, to paintings and photographs, to perfume and one-on-one tutorials -- rather than a pre-packaged subscription. Fans can opt to make a one time purchase rather than committing to a full subscription.

ZIIBRA Stores is a fully equip end-to-end solution that offers the tools that help manage purchases, including fulfillment, CRM, messaging and analytics. With this full suite of commerce tools, artists and makers can now focus more on their craft and less on the logistics of processing and sales. Artists and makers who are able to attract 100 new followers each month are charged no transaction fees, making it free for them to sell.

Profiting on a Passion

Independent artists and makers have found great success using ZIIBRA. Some have made as much as $10,000 over the past year.

"ZIIBRA has allowed me to make money from my art and connect with my followers unlike any other online service I have ever experienced," said Seattle-based painter Ten Hundred. "ZIIBRA Stores gives me an expansive set of tools to manage my fanbase and make money by sharing art in just about any format."

Over a hundred artists and makers now call ZIIBRA home. These include well known folks like writer Broke-Ass Stuart, American Idol's Blake Lewis, Adam Zacks' music festival Sasquatch and multi-media artist Justin Kane Elder. The majority of the artists and makers today are based in ZIIBRA's home city of Seattle and the San Francisco Bay Area, however the user base is quickly expanding. All of the artists and makers on ZIIBRA are hand-vetted.

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ZIIBRA is the marketplace for artists and makers who want to share and monetize their craft, and for fans who want to support their favorite creators. With ZIIBRA, artists and makers can manage and scale their following by consolidating community management and monetization technology on a single digital platform that helps them tell captivating stories. ZIIBRA offers fans the most intimate way to experience their favorite creators' passions, follow their processes, and build unique relationships with them. ZIIBRA was founded by Omri Mor and Justin Myers in 2012 and is based in Seattle, WA. Visit to learn more.

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