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Introducing GigCave: A New Way for Musicians to Manage Their Careers

Innovative New Site Offers Free Dynamic EPK Creation and Hosting, Along With a Premium Mentoring Program That Allows Aspiring Musicians to Obtain Guidance From Industry Professionals

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Feb 17, 2015) - GigCave today announced its free, cloud-based platform for musicians to create, manage and host their electronic press kits (EPKs) where music industry gatekeepers can easily see, hear and know more about that band or musician. Additionally, as part of its $50 three-month membership, GigCave has a unique mentorship program that allows musicians to communicate one-on-one with industry professionals who can provide advice ranging from making live performances better to songwriting tips.

With GigCave, musicians have the power to control their brand, manage their career, present their best image to potential hirers, and get paid for what they love to do -- play music.

The new platform, accessible online at, is an easy-to-use, cloud-based platform where musicians can manage their EPKs and tap into a mentoring program that allows them one-on-one access to knowledgeable industry professionals.

GigCave CEO and creator Anthony Tedesco said, "Musicians have it hard enough today. We created GigCave to give them the tools they need to better control their careers and get paid for doing what they do best. We want to give all musicians the chance to reach their fans, old and new, and to succeed."

A remarkable benefit available through the GigCave platform is its mentoring program, which allows musicians to tap into a network of industry pros with a wide range of expertise, including songwriting tips, ways of improving live performances, and getting the most out of studio recording sessions. GigCave has a team of Grammy Award-winning musicians, accomplished writers, and classical powerhouses available to help musicians.

Free to all GigCave users is its dynamic EPK-creating tools, which allow musicians to easily create attention-grabbing materials to convey their story, image, attitude and sound. GigCave enables musicians to combine photos, bios, sound and video into a complete package, presenting a professional image to any manager, club owner, agent, music critic or festival organizer.

In 2013, the American music industry generated more than $15 billion, much of that from live performances. GigCave is committed to making sure musicians have all the tools they need to grab their share of this pie, allowing them to manage their careers and thrive as musicians.

Tedesco added, "Our site is designed for all artists, regardless of their genre, the stage of their career, or the size of venues they perform at."

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GigCave has created a unique two-fold way for musicians to take control of and advance their careers. First, GigCave has created a web-based, easy-to-use, centralized environment for them to create press kits in a format that is readily accessible to agents and managers to review. Secondly, GigCave's mentoring program allows musicians unprecedented one-on-one access to industry professionals.

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