DENVER, CO--(Marketwired - Feb 17, 2015) - Vista International Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB: VVIT), a pioneer in efficient Waste-to-Energy (WTE) technology, is pleased to give investors an update on revenue generated by the Company's tire processing facility in its recently completed fiscal year, and update its projections for 2015. For a more complete picture of the Company's financial results, management encourages investors to review the Company's annual report (10-K) for fiscal year 2014, which is expected to be released in late March.

Tire facility revenue jumped 20% in fiscal 2014, rising to just over $715,000. This figure represents the most revenue generated by the facility during the past five years. Significant increases were seen in 2014 for both incoming tonnage and processed tire material sales. Revenue from disposal (tipping) fees rose 15% to roughly $385,000, due to tipping fee rate increases and additional marketing of the facility. Revenue from sales of processed tire material rose approximately 27%, to just over $330,000, as the facility added additional customers and sold more material to its existing customers, as compared to the year ago period.

Growth prospects for Vista continue to look positive as the Company enters 2015. Incoming tire tonnage has increased more than 20% over 2014 levels, and the company has negotiated a significant increase in pricing for 2015 with its main TDF customer. On the gasification side of the business, the Company is on schedule to complete the delivery of its initial next generation Thermal Gasifier unit in Q1 2015, and the company expects gasification revenue to double in 2015 versus 2014 levels.

Vista International Technologies, Inc. has been producing Waste-to-Energy gasification systems for over twenty years, with installations across three continents. The Company's technology has low costs of installation and operation, and allows for the processing of virtually any hydrocarbon-based waste product, including municipal solid waste, waste tires, sewage waste, and biomass, among others. The company's Waste-to-Energy systems are emission friendly and extremely efficient, and can be used to produce heat, steam, and/or electricity.

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