NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Feb 18, 2015) - Rising India, Inc. (OTC: RSII), a holding company focused on restaurant concepts and other ventures focused in meals and entertainment, announced last week that it expects imminently to close on the acquisition of Fresh Green Concepts, Inc. As the parties work to close the deal, ChefBox, a wholly owned subsidiary of Fresh Green Concepts will be exhibiting in a partnership agreement with Boca Raton-based gluten free food manufacturer, Glutenny, at the upcoming South Florida Gluten Free and Allergen awareness event on February 22, 2015 at the Boca Raton Marriott. #GFAFEvent ( @GFAFWellness )

ChefBox is an innovative food delivery service focused on clean foods catering to gluten free, paleo and other specialty diets. The ChefBox leadership team states, "We are excited to be partnering with Glutenny at this event. The Glutenny Corporate vision marries well to our delivery model. The line of dry mixes, pastas and snacks are perfect for our portfolio and equally as delicious."

Glutenny CEO Deb McCarthy states, "I cannot impress upon anyone how critical partnerships like ChefBox are to Glutenny. Their delivery model is in line with our goal to provide Gluten Free goodness to everyone, anywhere. This Partnership will allow us to reach even the most rural gluten free consumer."

About ChefBox
ChefBox was created to facilitate in home delivery of gluten free, paleo specific and allergen free foods. In the existing marketplace no other in home delivery service provides such options. For the Paleo Specific and gluten free markets, ChefBox acknowledges the lack of availability of these types of dietary products in rural and outlying areas. Most often these products are only found in specialty food centers in tier one cities. The in home delivery model changes that for consumers who want to participate in these dietary lifestyles by bringing the product directly to them.

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About Glutenny
Glutenny launched its first products in Boca Raton, FL in 2014 and is the brain child of by Deb McCarthy, Chef and Owner of the "Rustic Cellar Wine Bar". Glutenny was created in reaction to the consumer's overwhelming desire for gluten free foods that taste exactly like their non gluten free alternatives.

Glutenny commits to continue to create products that are not only gluten free but address the allergen free market place. The lines of products created will continue to be delivered through retail and restaurant facilities as well as the in home delivery methods ensuring availability to even remote areas that traditionally cannot gain access to such products.

About Rising India, Inc.
Rising India, Inc. is a dynamic developer of restaurant concepts and other ventures focused in meals and entertainment driven by our mission to become a global leader in delivering exceptional dining and social experiences. Learn more at, or follow us on Social Media at: or


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