SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwired - Feb 18, 2015) - iTraq today announces the newest geolocation device available to consumers that allows for tracking anywhere there is cellular service. iTraq determines its position and location in the world using cellular towers, no longer holding tracking capabilities to the confines of Bluetooth signal.

iTraq is unique because it allows consumers to track their valuables regardless of distance. Previous devices use Bluetooth signals to track devices, which limits the range available for tracking to approximately 100 ft. iTraq determines location using cellular towers and can be located virtually anywhere in the world. This allows users to track a range of valuables: bicycles, cars, boats, packages and luggage. Even the parents of traveling children can rest assured, knowing their child's location as long as they're carrying iTraq. 

"iTraq is perfect for those who want peace of mind in knowing their valuables are safely in their designated locations," said iTraq Founder, Roman Isakov. "We're excited for the launch of our Indiegogo campaign, which allows us to bring this valuable technology to the consumer market for the first time."

iTraq has teamed up with GeoTraq (OTC: GTRQ) to bring this technology to consumers. GeoTraq's Cell-ID technology is ideal for asset and personal tracking devices, like iTraq. The technology can operate for many years on a single battery at extremely low cost, and has longer range than other technology currently used for location-based activities.

In addition to global tracking through GeoTraq, iTraq offers features such as a corresponding mobile app and Guard Mode. The corresponding mobile app allows users to customize status updates, log a map history of iTraq locations with time stamp, and manage multiple iTraq devices and locations. The app's Guard Mode lets users assign designated areas for iTraq devices, so if the tag leaves its designated zone, users are immediately notified.

iTraq is available now for preorder through Indiegogo for an early bird price of $39 in the first 48 hours and a regular price of $49.

About iTraq 
iTraq is the world's first global location device that can be found anywhere. iTraq determines its position and location using cellular towers allowing iTraq to be located anywhere in the world where cellular service exists. For more information about iTraq, visit

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GeoTraq, Inc. is a technology provider established to manufacture and sell cellular transceiver modules and associated services specifically enabled by Cell-ID with all its inherent advantages over GPS and RFID to provide solutions for the tracking, asset recovery and location-based industries. For further information, please visit

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