PORTLAND, OR--(Marketwired - Feb 17, 2015) - Oregonians for Sound Fuel Policy released the following statement after a public hearing in the Senate Tuesday on Oregon's Low Carbon Fuel Standard:

"This afternoon at 2:09 p.m., after nearly four hours of impassioned debate, the Oregon Senate voted to approve Senate Bill 324. The bill, if it became law, would extend and enable Oregon's experimental Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) beyond its current Dec. 31, 2015, sunset date. The bill will now move to the Oregon House of Representatives for consideration and debate.

"OSFP is deeply disappointed with the outcome of the Senate vote. Despite extensive floor testimony from senators speaking in opposition to the bill, despite reasonable and well-researched testimony that focused on the bill's harmful impacts to Oregon families, commuters and businesses, and despite science-based testimony regarding the uncertainty, complexity, questionable assumptions and considerable guesswork surrounding a LCFS and SB 324, the Oregon Senate still passed the bill on a partisan basis.

"The final number of senators voting in favor of SB 324 was 17, while 13 voted in opposition. The 'NO' vote on SB 324 included all 12 Senate Republicans and one Senate Democrat (Sen. Betsy Johnson, D-Scappoose).

"The LCFS delivered through SB 324 will increase fuel costs for Oregon families, businesses and consumers. It's a hidden gas tax that will transfer monies out to the hands of Oregonians and into the accounts of energy credit traders, brokers, and out-of-state corporations. The costs extracted from Oregonians by SB 324 will do nothing to improve Oregon's beleaguered roads and bridges.

"Despite our disappointment with today's Senate vote, we look forward to taking up the cause again in the Oregon House of Representatives. We are hopeful and confident that the House will, after full consideration, stop this bad bill before it hurts Oregonians by becoming law."

About Oregonians for Sound Fuel Policy:

Oregonians for Sound Fuel Policy is a coalition of fuel users, consumers and business organizations opposed to the adoption of the proposed Low Carbon Fuel Standard, or LCFS. For more information, visit www.OregonFuelPolicy.com.

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