Eyes Continued Growth in 2015 as More People Turn to Online Streaming Services to Get Their Television Fix

Balikesir, TURKEY

ISTANBUL, Turkey, Feb. 19, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --, a secure global domain name system (DNS) proxy service providing internet users access to geo-blocked content, is expecting continued positive growth for 2015 as results from an Ericsson ConsumerLab survey indicate that online streaming is forecasted to overtake broadcast television in popularity among the 16-45 age cohort this year.

Efe Cakinberk, CEO of, says of the survey results, "We really view this as part of a larger trend among consumers – they are demanding increased accessibility to content as time goes on. This is what aims to do and it's also why we're so confident about our growth for 2015."

While streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu continue to expand both their content libraries and their global reach, it is no secret that the media being offered to consumers varies greatly from region to region. Copyright restrictions and pre-existing distribution agreements between content creators and media providers place constraints on the ability of these online services to offer the same content in all regions of operation; and, of course, there are countries where these streaming services aren't available at all. As a result, though internet users increasingly gravitate towards on-demand content through online media providers in order to shed the inconveniences associated with traditional broadcast television, geography continues to present a barrier to consumers longing for the full freedom to choose what and when they'd like to watch.

The dreaded "This-content-is-not-accessible-in-your-region" message and its derivatives remains a source of frustration to paying customers of content streaming services and it's hardly surprising that many have turned to digital workarounds to help disguise their locations in order to gain access to the movies, music, and television they are most interested in consuming. For these media lovers, Smart DNS services have become a preferred means of concealing their whereabouts online. Other digital solutions for unblocking content such as virtual private networks (VPNs) compromise streaming speed and often affect video quality, making them a less desirable option for many individuals primarily interested in accessing media content.

According to, approximately 70 percent of their customers are self-described movie lovers. "These users are looking for speed, quality and convenience. They don't want to wait forever while their movies buffer or sit through television shows that are such poor quality they can't even see what's happening – these can be real problems with VPNs. Smart DNS Proxy has the advantage here because we're able to break down geographic barriers on the net without compromising the viewer experience," said Cakinberk.

Smart DNS Proxy is a secure DNS Proxy service used to unblock websites, global video and music streaming services. It is a brand of Global Stealth Inc., which has been providing global internet security, data encryption and anonymity services to numerous Fortune 500 companies since 1995.



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