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Pericom Delivers Broad Support for Latest Embedded Chipsets and Platforms

New Products Targeting Industrial and Automotive Applications to Include Timing, Switching, Connectivity, and Signal Integrity Functions

NUREMBERG, GERMANY--(Marketwired - Feb 24, 2015) - EMBEDDED WORLD --  Pericom Semiconductor Corporation (NASDAQ: PSEM), a leading supplier of serial high-speed switching, signal integrity, connectivity and timing solutions, today announced multiple new products supporting next generation embedded chipsets and platforms, including industrial, automotive, SBC (single board computer), telemetry, POS (point of sale), and other related applications. Pericom will display these products at Embedded World, Hall 4A, booth 529 February 24-26, 2015.

Pericom is introducing new PCI Express (PCIe) timing, switching, and signal integrity products essential for embedded applications. Embedded platforms use a number of different CPU vendors who employ PCIe as the main I/O protocol. Pericom offers multiple PCIe products covering packet switch, protocol bridge, signal switch, signal integrity (ReDriver), and timing functions in support of PCIe speeds up to 8Gb (PCIe 3.0). 

In addition to PCIe, embedded platforms often require bridging to other protocols, such as I2C or SPI to UART, 8-BIT to UART, PCIe to UART, PCIe to USB2, PCIe to PCI, and PCI-X to PCIe. Pericom offers a family of products for each of these protocol bridges, which provide embedded platform designers with flexible protocol bridging solutions. Pericom also offers a complementary family of GPIO port expanders, and I2C splitters, level shifters and buffer/ReDrivers.

"Embedded platforms are an excellent match to our broad PCIe and protocol bridging product offerings, because of our established market presence and commitment to long product life cycles," said Alex Hui, Pericom president and CEO. "We still maintain the original design and support teams across all of our legacy and newer PCIe packet switch and bridge products while continuing to add new products. Our commitment to embedded customers is reflected in the number of long term relationships we have acquired in this market space."

New connectivity products announced at Embedded World include additions to the PCIe packet switch family, expanding Pericom's 'total segment solution focus' for embedded platforms, 8-BIT to UART protocol bridge. Switching families cover 8Gb/10Gb, while I2C and GPIO families offer port expander mux/level shifter/buffer functions. Timing products include protocol specific low jitter clock generators and buffers, as well as extremely low jitter 156.25MHz XO aimed at 10/40Gb Ethernet applications. Signal Integrity products include PCIe 8Gb, Ethernet 10Gb, and USB3 ReDriver/repeaters.

Product Part Numbers and Availability:
All of the new products are available now, either sampling or in production phase.

Connectivity Product Solutions:

Signal Integrity ReDriver/Repeater Product Solutions:

  • PI3EQX8984 - 4 Lane (8 Channel) 8Gb PCIe3 Interleave Pinout Linear ReDriver/Repeater
  • PI3EQX8908 - 8 Channel 8Gb PCIe3 Flow-Thru Pinout Linear ReDriver/Repeater
  • PI3EQX10908 - 8 Channel 10Gb Flow-Thru Pinout Linear Redriver/Repeater
  • PI3EQX7841 - 1 Port USB3 with I2C ReDriver/Repeater
  • Related Products - SATA3/SAS2/SAS3 Repeater/Redriver Family

Switching Product Solutions:

Timing Product Solutions:

  • PI6C49S1504 / 1506 / 1510 -Very Low Jitter Clock Buffers
  • PI6LC48H02 - Very Low Jitter Clock Generator - HCSL Outputs (PCIe)
  • UX XO  - Extremely Low Jitter XO family for networking, server, storage applications
  • Buffers and Generators - Low power PCIe clock family

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Pericom Semiconductor Corporation (NASDAQ: PSEM) enables serial connectivity with complete solutions for computing, communications and consumer market segments. Pericom's integrated circuits (IC) and frequency control products (FCP) provide the connectivity, timing, switching, bridging and signal conditioning of high-speed signals required by today's electronic applications. Company headquarters are in Milpitas, California, USA, with design centers, sales and customer support offices worldwide.

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