PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwired - Mar 2, 2015) - People Power, a technology and user engagement company providing apps, cloud and mobile services for the Internet of Things (IoT), announces the launch of the FabrUX Developer Console. People Power FabrUX is designed to enhance and accelerate third-party IoT platforms, services and products with industry-leading cloud and mobile software.

The FabrUX architecture features four powerful software tiers -- unified connectivity with device-to-cloud and cloud-to-cloud connectors, analytics, community social networking, and a customizable mobile and web UI presentation layer -- that go beyond the basic connectivity of other cloud software. FabrUX can connect, analyze, manage and enhance any Internet-connected object or cloud platform, and enables powerful consumer engagement programs through an integrated community social networking layer. The open and flexible platform offers completely open source SDKs and APIs, enabling partners to easily connect devices or apps, and avoid vendor lock-in. FabrUX is designed as an all-in-one solution, but it can also be seamlessly integrated with existing frameworks like AllJoyn, HomeKit and other proprietary platforms to achieve higher levels of IoT cooperation.

People Power's popular app, Presence, now offers FabrUX Developer Mode for both iOS and Android, giving immediate control from smartphones over FabrUX-connected products. Presence promotes extremely simple out-of-box experiences for connected products, and is designed to allow partner-specific branding of the app's user interface. When combined with FTP access to People Power's servers, even developers without mobile app experience are equipped to quickly customize the Presence mobile app and web consoles. In addition to enabling mobile demos and usability testing, these customizations rapidly accelerate partners toward commercial release.

"The People Power FabrUX Developer Console arms innovators with tools to create and deploy consumer products and services such as energy management, home security and elder care," said David Moss, President and CTO of People Power. "The Internet of Things will witness explosive growth and change in the coming years, but one fact will remain constant: Gadgets are meaningless without well designed software that meet human needs. FabrUX represents the most advanced and comprehensive IoT software stack to date, and goes beyond simple smart homes into the formation of community social networks that drive user engagement programs, neighborhood watch scenarios and elderly care trust networks."

As pioneers of the Department of Energy Green Button standard, a White House call-to-action to provide utility customers with easy and secure access to their energy usage information, People Power FabrUX connects Green Button data from smart meters, sensor networks, and other information sources from smart homes and smart buildings. In an industry first, FabrUX enables powerful community engagement programs that induce behavior changes in energy use across large groups of individuals. Using the People Power Command Center, program managers can easily control engagement programs with the ability to onboard users and energy hardware, look into real-time and historical energy usage data, deploy energy challenges designed to motivate behavioral change and report the results. People Power has demonstrated this technology with its home energy management programs in Oahu and Cape Cod, where participants are currently saving around 10 percent on their monthly electric bills.

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Founded in 2009, People Power is an award-winning software company with a proud legacy in mobility and green technology. People Power Company offers the Internet of Things FabrUX software, which enables partners to quickly launch products and services using ready-made cloud and mobile software stacks. People Power's intuitive app, Presence, not only transforms spare smart devices into wireless video cameras for added security, but also expands to control modern smart homes and connect smart communities. For more information, visit

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